XPPen Artist Series Drawing Display (2nd Gen)
Ignites your digital art passion.

Artist Series (2nd Gen) comes with the novel X3
chip stylus - lighter and refined,
with more color and size options. Find your vibe.


Get an XPPen Artist Series (2nd Gen) for FREE!
To celebrate the 17th anniversary of XPPen and express our appreciation for your love of the Artist Series (2nd Gen), we've prepared hidden Golden Tickets! You may get a refund for your order if you find a Golden Ticket in the package. Golden Tickets will be distributed randomly in the Artist Series (2nd Gen). So hurry up and get yours today!

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An Imaginative But A Little Stubborn Fennec Fox.

Meet Fenix, a tourist from X-space. He loves showing his heart through paints and creations! To pursue innovation and express true self, he determinedly embarked on a fearless adventure.


Birthday: Aug. 16

Hobbies: painting, watching movies

Advantage: eager to try new things and strict

Defects: slightly compulsive and perfectionist

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Drawing Contest

The theme is "Fenix & the Anywhere Door".
Let your thought fly and guide Fenix into the realm of infinite possibility!

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Halloween Contest

Halloween Contest

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About XPPen App

XPPen App is an art community where it enables sharing, learning, communication and interaction with artists. On the XPPen App, you can share original creations, participate in a variety of fun activities, take classes to sharpen your skills, have in-depth conversations with professional artists, and take on interesting tasks.

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