Working place: Europe

Release time: Jul 08,2020 PM 16:57

Job Duties

1)         Sell the products in strict accordance with the guidance selling price.

2)         Make annual, quarterly and monthly sales targets & forecast and achieve them in the territory.

3)         Partnership in making marketing plans including exhibitions, events and activities and implement them accordingly.

4)         Maintain XP Pen brand image.

5)         Provide market information including competitive activities and so forth, as well as consumer habits and feedback.

6)         provide engineering support, aftermarket services, and manage inventories.

Job Requirements

1)         Supply to local retailer chains.

2)         Supply to education sectors.

3)         Supply to office and workplace.

4)         Company business in consumer electronics.

5)         Wholesalers.

6)         Other business sector see potential in XP PEN and its products

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Working place:United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.