We are glad to tell you we have partnered with drawaria.online to announce our first Pictionary Tournament for everyone!drawaria.online is an addicting multiplayer game in which players draw and guess words together. During the tournament, we will run series of Preliminary, Rematch, Qualification, and Final matches. As long as you are selected for the qualifiers, you will surely win XP-PEN's newest Deco Fun pen tablets!
Three winners in the qualification will form the XP-PEN team, having a peak duel with Adroit Artists-drawaria.online team, final winners will get an honorable role in-game VIP badge and the grand prize!

* No registration fee is required to participate in the game.

Go to https://drawaria.online/ and log in to your Google, Facebook, Reddit, or Discord Account to ensure you are able to join us to play.

Click the game room you choose in the Schedule 5mins before the start at least, click the 'join room' button, to make sure you visit the XP-PEN tournament room. The name of the game room will be placed at the top right corner after you joined in the room.

There will be two rooms at the same time. If the room that you've clicked is full, please try to access another one, or you should wait another time to play.

The closest game will start at 5:30-6:00 AM June 3(EST)

Rematch Schedule
June 15(EST)5:30-6:00AM11:00-11:30AM20:45-21:15PM
June 16(EST)5:30-6:00AM11:00-11:30AM20:45-21:15PM
Thanks for your support, the Preliminary has ended.
We will invite the Preliminary winners to participate in the Rematch via email directly, please take care of the message from hs@xp-pen.com.

* The person who got the most scores in the Final will be considered as the Champion and his/her team will be the champion team.

* The same person will not be rewarded twice times and subject to the highest award.

* The winner can choose the color of the tablet as they prefer.

Matches will be played in private rooms in Guess Word mode, the guess word only in English.

1 match, 2 rounds, up 10 players per room, max 90 seconds per turn, no more than 30 minutes.

The schedule is based on EST timezone, you can have a check what time is it in your location.

The one with the most scores will be considered as the winner in the match automatically, each room will result in one winner only.

There will be a referee in each room, the result of the winner will be jumped up on the game page and confirmed by the judge when the match completed. Please take care of the message from the referee in the chat of the room.

The winner of Qualification and Final will be announced on the page here later, the gaming time of the Qualification and Final will be updated after we discussed with those players.

We will Livestream the Final match on YouTube later, please take care of the updated news later. If you are the player of the Final, please make sure you are glad to do a live video stream, such as showing your hands action and your device while playing the match.

* Draw the word when it is your turn.

* Guess the word when others draw!

* First player who guesses the word gets 3 points.

* 2 points are awarded to the drawing player.

* And other players who guess the word within the turn's remaining 10 seconds get 1 point.

* The player with the most points wins a match!

* You can't write the guess word directly on the canvas.

A: It's allowed to participate in the matches as many times as you want, but each person is limited to use one account to play only.

B:If you have participated multiple times in the Preliminary and won, we will only consider one time, and you can just go to the Rematch one time.

C:No more than 3 players are allowed with using the same IP address.

D:There are only up to 10 players in each room, you can not access when the room is full or the match has already started.

E:You can not access these room links until 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.

F:If it is your turn while disconnected, the turn will be passed to the next player automatically, you can get the turn after you rejoined the quitted room. If it is not your turn but disconnected, the game will go on uninterrupted.

G:Players who happen to disconnect unexpectedly will be able to join back a quitted room, by copying the same playing room link. But by pressing the Quit, Home button or by refreshing or closing the game page they will not be able rejoin the room.
If you can't reconnect after multiple attempts, we suggest you try to play at another time. It is recommended to use Google Chrome with a stable internet connection, please ensure without heavy downloads in the background.

H:Any unauthorized person or any person acting inappropriately during the match will be removed from the room by the match's referee. Drawings that contain sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent, or other objectionable or inappropriate content are forbidden.

XP-PEN will get in contact with those prize winners through email in 48 working hours. If you are the winner, please take care of the message from the referee, and provide your email address to the referee in the chat of the playing room.

If you have any further question, please email: promotion@xp-pen.com