How to Run XPPen In-house Affiliate Program
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1) Please login with your registered email address:

2) Please follow the steps below to get your exclusive promotional link;

First, get your own promotional link.png

3) Place your exclusive promotional link where customers can place orders, such as video comment sections, communities, blog posts, etc.

4) When a customer places an order through your link, you will get the corresponding order commission;

5) You can see the clicks and sales of your exclusive links in the platform.


○ Note: If you cannot find the link you are looking for,

             please contact us at

Commission Withdrawal Rules

○  You can withdraw registration commission only when your own order commission and order commission reward from Affiliates add up to $50;

○  Considering the order refund, XPPen affiliate staff will review the order in the following month and you will be able to withdraw your commission once the review is completed;

○  For more details, please refer to the "frequently_asked_questions" on the platform page.

If you need more information or have any questions about how to join XPPen In-house Affiliate Program, please contact the XPPen In-house Affiliate Program representative.

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