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About Payment

1.Which payment methods accept?

We accept the following forms of payment:
1) PayPal
2) Debit or Credit Card support by PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, etc)

2.What to do if payment is rejected?

When the payment was rejected, you can process it by contacting your bank or PayPal(Depends on which method you use to pay)

3.Why I used a credit card to pay, but the email states that I paid with PayPal?

Please don't worry, you paid with the payment method you choose when you check out.
To ensure the safety of both parties, we use Paypal as an intermediary to collect payments for official store orders. Therefore, even if you paid with credit card, you will receive a confirmation from PayPal.

4. Is there any extra fees when making an XPPen order?

There isn’t any additional charge for ordering our products. If you are paying for your order with an international bank card, the purchase price may fluctuate with exchange rates.
In addition, your bank or credit card issuer may also charge foreign conversion fees. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer for any questions regarding these fees. Extra charges will not be charged on your online order.
XPPen does not take any responsibility for extra charges incurred while making payments with international bank cards.

5.Is my payment information secure?

Yes, it is. We understand the importance of security in online transactions. Our website is 100% SSL encrypted to ensure maximum online security. XPPen takes all necessary security measures to protect your personal information and won’t share any payment information with any outside organizations.

6.Why the money has been withdrawn from my account, but my order still shows “pending ”status?

This may be because you used an e-check to make the payment. At present, payment is processed in the PayPal account, and it has not been paid to our account, so your order shows "pending"
Please don't worry, we will process your order for you as soon as we receive your payment.

7.If I use an e-check to pay, and the order still shows "pending", how can I cancel the order?

If you've sent an e-check and would like to cancel it before the payment is completed and claimed, here's how:
Log in to your PayPal account
> Click Activity at the top of the page.
> Click Cancel next to the payment you want to cancel.
> Click Cancel Payment.
> Then you can cancel an unclaimed e-check.

About Order

1.How to place an order?

> Go to the product page.
> Select quantity and variant then click “Add to Cart”.
> Click "Check Out" to enter a new page.
> In the new page, fill in your information (Email, Name, Shipping address, and etc.) and then click "Submit order".
> Complete the payment to finish the order.

2. Can I change my information after place an order?

In order to protect the privacy of customers' personal order information, we have no right to change your address. Hope you understand. If there is incorrect information in your order, you can apply for a refund and then place a correct order again.

About Logistics

1. The delivery time?

Under normal circumstances, the package will be shipped within 72 working hours, but it may take longer to provide the tracking number. Once the tracking info is available, then we will send it to you at immediately.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, some shipments could be slowed down (depending on the carrier). Please rest assured that we try our best to choose a faster carrier for your item. Your understanding and patience are highly appreciated!

Package from CA warehouse: Estimated delivery time is 7-15 working days.
Package from China warehouse: Estimated delivery time is 15-30 working days. (Since some products are out of stock in the CA warehouse)

2. How to postpone an order?

1) Before the product is shipped out, we can help you hold the shipment directly. Please contact us at

2) Once the product has been shipped out of the warehouse, then you can contact the local logistic provider to help you hold the shipment(Once the tracking information is available, we will send it to you asap, you can use the tracking info to contact the local logistics provider)

3.Where my package shipped from?

XPPen(CA) has 2 warehouses in the CA and 1 warehouse in China.
Usually, we arrange shipment within the CA. However, some products will have to be shipped from China warehouse when they are out of stock.

4. The shipping information shows “Shipping information received” but no update?

Please don't worry, it means your package is on its way to you.
The local shipping company has received shipment information, but not yet received the package.

The pandemic has significantly impacted airlines resulting in many flight cancellations to the CA.
The package is waiting for flights to the CA. Usually, the process here takes 3-5 working days.
The local shipping company will deliver the package to you once the package received.

The delivery date of your parcel should be no later than the date that is advised on the product order page.
If there’s a special case, please contact us at

5.Why has it passed the delivery time shown on the website, but I have not received my package?

Case 1: Package delay.
Due to the pandemic, the shipment could take longer than we expected.
Please contact the local post office/ carrier first to confirm the delivery date.

Case: 2: Package failed to deliver
Contact the local post office/ carrier to see if they will attempt delivery.
If not, please feel free to contact us.

6.Why did the logistics status show the product delivered, but I did not receive the goods?

Please check your delivery address on your order detail page first, as we have arranged shipment accordingly.
If the delivery address is correct, please contact the local post office/ carrier to see if they have misplaced your package.

7.Where can I check the logistic status of my order?

1) If you have an XPPen account, you can log in your XPPen account, then
> Click "My deal"
> Click "My orders"
> Click "Details"
> Then you can check your order status

2) If you do not have an XPPen account:
Once the tracking information is available, the system will automatically send you an email to your purchase email. And you can use the tracking information in the email to track your parcel.

8.I have more than two items in my order, but I only received one. What should I do?

In order for your order to be delivered to you faster, we will ship from the warehouse closest to you, but this warehouse may not have all the products in your order, so we may send your products separately, Thank you for your understanding.
If you want to know the logistics status of all your products, please feel free to contact us at


1. Is the graphics tablet a stand-alone product?

The graphic tablet is not a stand-alone product. It needs to be connected to a computer to work.

2.How to rest the password?

> Click "Reset password" in Account
> Enter old password and new password respectively
> Click "Submit"

3.What should I do if the coupon code invalid?

1) The discount code has expired
2) The discount code is mutually exclusive with current promotions
a. Your coupon code has expired (whether it has expired, you can check the classification of the coupon code in your account)
b.The product is currently undergoing promotional activities that do not overlap with the discount code

4.Why can't I click to get the product coupon code?

Please kindly note that when the product is in the promotion of product discount code, the coupons are only for the members. You need to register and then you can receive a product discount code.

5.How to add my order to my account?

If you have an EstoreCA account and also order, but the order is not in the account, you can send your order number to our customer service at, then we will help you add your order to your account. The account should be as same as the purchase email for the order.

6.Why can't I log in to my account?

You can try to log in your account again from this link again:
If you are still unable to login to your account, you can send the issue to our customer service at, then we will help you to check the issue.

7. What is an Extended Warranty policy?

1) The extended warranty cannot be purchased separately, it can only be purchased together with specific products

2) The extended warranty is not a separate product and does not participate in the 18-month warranty policy. Purchasing the extended warranty only extends the warranty time of the original specific product purchased with the extended warranty.

3) If you have purchased the extended warranty, you can provide the order number to apply for the original specific product's extended warranty

4) The extended warranty cannot be requested a refund separately.



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