Started from a 5540A, as the first model, to when it broke the shackles of 2048 pressure level, and the now digital chip technology innovation, XPPen has always been exceeding the bounds of possibility throughout these17 years. By feat of its extraordinary products and service, it declared itself to the world and has become a world-renown digital handwriting brand, to bring millions of digital art creators service around the world.


XPPen started to lever up its domestic share through programming and developing the home market. It successfully developed the “X3-Smart-Chip Technology” and rolled out multiple award-winning models encompassing Artist 12(2nd) pen display and Deco L&LW pen tablet, etc. Up to now, XPPen has already hit its accumulative sales volume of over 6 million units, covering more than 130 countries and regions.Through working together with strategic consultancy Siegel+gale affiliated to Omnicom Group, XPPen successfully rebuilt a new brand image. Partnered with Adobe Authorised Training Centre, world-renown CG Association and the related institutes, XPPen initiated the global campaign “Art Star Programme” for CG innovation and development. Proving resources such as funds and devices to support passionate artists and studios to turn their artistic pursuits from virtual imagination into reality.


XPPen Innovator 16 and XPPen Artist Pro 16TP pen display were bestowed the Contemporary Good Design (CGD) 2020 Award. This year XPPen developed revolutionary products and digital solutions for online tutoring and remote working thus helping many affected by the COVID-19 pandemic at the same time, accomplishing its brand new exploration in digital handwriting domain.


Teamed up with HANVON UGEE, gaining the endorsement and accumulation of experience from this technological group, XPPen opened up a new page on its history. XPPen Artist 15.6 Pro was officially released to embarked on a product journey of “Red Dot” Pro series. XPPen Deco Pro pen tablet was later granted the Red Dot Award again.After that, XPPen gathered more presence in the industry by participating in prestigious international anime fairs including Supanova Comic Con, MCM LONDON COMIC CON, Anime Central and the alike, as well as its appearance in IFA, GITEX and other international consumer-grade electronic shows.


XPPen Deco series pen tablet made its debut with its unprecedented and unique design, which gained it recognition in the industry. Moreover, XPPen Deco Pro pen tablet received the Good Design Award of Japan. Since then, XPPen has earned the recognition and reputation from its overseas users and has been given the honorary title of “Bestseller” on Amazon.


Due to its phenomenal color presentation and product experience, XPPen Artist 16 won the welcome and recognition of young artists in multitude, and swept flocks of artists up, making them the loyal fans of XPPen and earning itself the long-term product sales in Asian, North-American and European regions, etc. XPPen launched its brand online-stores globally to provide creators worldwide with high-quality products and more convenient service. With the sequential presence in these world-renown anime fairs including Anime Expo 2017, Dubai MEFCC and Comic Con, etc., XPPen had become the one to deeply involve and started to lead the future trend of digital handwriting.


By showing up in CES Asia, XPPen began to make its presence felt first in the international consumer-grade electronic market. It also made its attendance in Anime Expo 2016, Comic Con and other notable international anime fairs to build a shared CG blueprint for the world together with the global anime fans.


XPPen established its American (California) company and set up an international marketing team to initiate global marketing. Owing to its smash of new boundaries towards battery-free technology, it had been transferred into the innovative pen tablet and display by XPPen R&D team. Subsequently, Artist series pen display and Star series pen tablet were launched officially in the same year.


With the launch of tablet P850, XPPen made its breakthrough of pressure level and became one of the earliest brands in this industry to apply the 2048 pressure level. And, tablet P850 became one of most popular annual hits of XPPen in that year.


Founded in Japan, XPPen started to commit itself on pen tablet and display products research and development. Afterwards, tablet 5540A with 512 pressure level was released as the first model. At the same year, 5560B was created to break the 1024 pressure level limit, and laid the cornerstone of XPPen's development in digital handwriting realm.