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Certify other products' serial number

Please choose your free software according to your product model.

How do I certify the product's serial number and get the software's secret key?

1. Which XPPen products can get the software's secret key by certifying the serial number?

For detailed information, please check your purchased product' store link and its product description. Or consult the customer service or the local distributor selling XPPen products.

2. How do I get the serial number of my XPPen Product?

Each product's serial number can be found on the back of the device.

3. How do I certify the serial number of my XPPen product?

After obtaining the product's serial number, you need to register it at the XPPen official website. Log in to your account, visit this page, and follow the steps below for certification.

   Step 1: Please log in your account first              

   Step 2: Certify the Product's Serial Number          

   Step 3: Select one of the following software options, get the activation key of the software, and visit the corresponding page to download.
You can only select one software and receive one activation key, which cannot be changed after confirmation.

Free Creative Software Download

You can get at least one free software now.

One is Explain Everything which is available for all XPPen pen tablets and pen displays;

the other is selected from these software: ArtRage Lite, ArtRage 6 and openCanvas, according to your device model.

Available models: Deco Series, Deco Pro Series, Deco Fun Series, Artist Series, Artist Pro Series, Innovator Series

1) ArtRage Lite is available for Deco Series and Deco Fun Series

2) ArtRage 6 or openCanvas (choose only one) for Deco Pro Series, Artist Series, Artist Pro Series

3) ArtRage 6, openCanvas and (choose only one out of these software) for Artist 10 (2nd Gen), Artist 12 (2nd Gen), Artist 13 (2nd Gen), Artist 16 (2nd Gen), Artist 12 Pro, Artist 13.3 Pro, Artist 15.6 Pro, Artist Pro 16TP, Artist Pro  16, Artist Pro 14, Artist 22R Pro, Artist 22E Pro, Artist 22 Pro, Artist 24 Pro, Artist 22 (2nd Generation), Artist 24, Innovator 16

* Explain Everything and Zoner Photo Studio X are available for all XPPen pen tablets and pen displays.

Please note:

1) openCanvas 7 is not available for Mac system.

2) Explain Everything is licensed for a three-month trial of Individual Plan.

3) ArtRage 6 works with Windows 10 or later, and macOS 10.10 or later.

4) Zoner Photo Studio X is licensed for a three-month free trial. It works with Windows 10 and Windows 11.