• Art Education

    Believing that everyone is endowed with a gift for learning and creation, XPPen is dedicated to empowering students with advanced technologies and products to delve into their learning potential and release great creativity. We encourage them to break the grounds of pen and paper, giving a chance to all possibilities including sketching, watercolor painting and oil painting to find their style for potential release and bold expression.
  • Online Class

    Enhance creative potential——Higher art education institutes or professional art courses are aimed at helping students develop professional skills, unleash creative potential and get them well-trained for future careers. To achieve this, advanced technology and tools are critical.

    Stimulate interest in art learning——Basic art education aims to foster students' perception of life by stimulating their interest in art learning, as well as to develop their observation, imagination, creativity and expressiveness.

    Have interactive classes anywhere, anytime——Interaction between teachers and students in online classes can be enhanced by using XPPen drawing tablets. Students can give instant feedback or submit their homework online to greatly reduce the processing time and thus focus more on the study content.

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