XPPen was founded with the ultimate mission of supporting
new-gen artists and art lovers, and encouraging them to chase their dreams.

Brand Vision

XPPen aspires to lead the digital art industry and support users to create and express freely
through non-stop innovation and trendsetting design aesthetics.

Brand Concept

Boundless inspiration & authentic creation

Brand Value

Extraordinary products and services. Superior product performance.
Trendsetting design inspiration. Bold and free expression of true self.

Brand Development

Thank you for staying with us


  • Rebranded itself by introducing the new tagline "Dream Brave True" and brand-new logo, IP image, etc.

  • The Deco LW drawing tablet won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award from Germany.

  • Debuted on Nasdaq screen in Times Square.

  • Joined world-renowned exhibitions like Anime Expo, GITEX GLOBAL, MCM Comic Con, Bett UK, Eletrolar Show, Comiket 101 (Winter 2022).


  • Developed the X3 smart chip and released the new-gen Artist 12 (2nd Gen) drawing display and Deco L&LW drawing tablet, stepping into the new digital drawing era.

  • Entered and expanded the Chinese market progressively.

  • Launched the Art Star, a global CG innovation and development cultivation project, with Adobe Authorized Training Centre and multiple world-renowned CG organizations and academies, aiming to support art lovers, artists, and studios to realize their dreams with funds and devices.


  • XPPen products and digital solutions were widely applied to online education and remote work, helping people work and study effectively during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • The Innovator 16 drawing display and the Artist Pro 16TP drawing display won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design Award.


  • Joined the HANVON UGEE group and stepped up on a brand-new stage with the integration of technology advantages.

  • Released the Artist 15.6 Pro drawing display, featuring an innovative Red Dial interface. Expanded the Artist Pro Series with a few more "Red Dial" follow-ups.

  • The Deco Pro drawing display won the 2019 Red Dot Design Award from Germany.

  • Joined world-renowned anime expos like Supanova Comic Con、MCM LONDON COMIC CON、Anime Central. Made appearance in international consumer electronics shows like IFA, GITEX and consolidate its place in the industry.


  • Released the Deco Series drawing tablet which gained the unanimous recognition of the market and industry peers thanks to exceptional performance and chic design.

  • The Deco Pro Series drawing tablet won the 2018 Good Design from Japan.

  • Joined famous exhibitions like the 27th Anime Expo (America), the OZ Comic Con (Australia), and the CTN Expo (Burbank), leading the new trend of digital drawing.

  • Set up a brand experience center respectively in India, Thailand, and South Korea to provide premium service and experience for artists worldwide.

  • XPPen products were well received by overseas users and won the "Bestseller" from Amazon.


  • Released the Artist 16 drawing display which gained great popularity among young artists thanks to its high cost-effectiveness.

  • Launched the XPPen twitch live streaming platform where professional 2D illustrators and 3D designers can conduct teaching and guidance for illustration design and 3D modeling.

  • Released the Star 06, a battery-free wireless drawing tablet.

  • Launched the global online store to provide premium products and better services for global creators.


  • Steadily expanded the online and offline business from Europe, America, Asia, and the Pacific region to South Africa, and South America.

  • Joined world-famous Comic Cons like IFA, GITEX, CES (Asia), Anime Expo, Comic Con. Gained popularity among anime lovers and young artists globally.


  • Set up the brand company in California, America, and built the international marketing team for global marketing.

  • Made a new breakthrough in battery-free technology, broadly applied to XPPen drawing displays and tablets. Released the Artist series (drawing displays) and the Star series (drawing tablets).

  • Opened the official stores on leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Lazada, etc.

  • Established a company and a factory in Shenzhen, China. And soon expanded the business to 43 countries in Europe with manufacturing advantages.


  • Entered the North American market by virtue of the leading digital handwriting technology, setting a solid foundation for globalization.


  • Introduced the battery-free technology that was applied to XPPen styluses, in line with high-demanding users' needs.


  • Made a technology breakthrough in pressure level by releasing the P850 drawing tablet, one of the earliest 2048-pressure-level applied products in the industry.


  • Established a branch company in Taiwan, China, to further develop digital technology, upgrade products, and expand the market from Japan to Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


  • Established XPPen in Tokyo, Japan, a paradise for anime lovers.

  • Released its first drawing tablet, 5540A, of 512 pressure levels.

  • Released the 5560B drawing tablet, with upgraded pressure levels of 1024.

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