• Art Creativity

    Do you desire creative art or settle for imitation? Do you want to get your inspiration flowing or be bothered by the color fading, dry paints and broken papers? Do you want to proficiently find artistic golden sections or struggle with coloring and composition? Switch to XPPen -- start more easily, draw more creatively, and lead to an even brighter future.
  • 3D Modeling

    Details are crucial to creating 3D models, no matter for fine models, elaborate design sketches, or complex animations. XPPen drawing tablet and display, combined with the eye-protecting copyboard, realize easy image overlaying, detail adaptation and concept rebuild, and make the original 3D picture displays even more dimensional via the drawing display. With the help of the natural stroke and the fluency of the stylus, you can build the most distinguished work out of the basic model prototype from the 3D modeling software.
  • Animation & Games

    Whether you are working on storyboards, characters, or environmental concepts, XPPen drawing display delivers an immediate stroke control experience. Its tilt support and 8192-level pressure sensitivity allow you to fine-tune each detail to perfection, taking your creation up a notch. XPPen drawing display is easy to operate, fast to respond and natural for tactility -- your perfect choice to deliver animated characters effortlessly.
  • Shooting Script

    In the film field or this We-media era, XPPen digital drawing devices can better facilitate video creators to design the shots and visualize creative ideas than traditional pen-and-paper storytelling. And these devices assist with more convenient communication and coordination, encourage creative inspiration, and synchronize your creative threads. The nimble stylus of high pressure-sensitivity, coupled with professional drawing or script creation software, produces more vivid images, precisely expressed presentations and easier sharing.
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