• Online Signing

    Since the post-industrial era, when environmental protection became the mainstream, the paperless office has quietly emerged. XPPen products and solutions pave the way for your smart digital experience. They inherit the writing characteristics from the traditional pen and paper and help users contribute their effort to "Green Earth" naturally and familiarly. And XPPen products can mark special ID to deliver a safe signing. All of these take things up a notch for work and life.
  • Cloud Office

    Office meeting has evolved over time for high efficiency. XPPen products help you accomplish more visualized and efficient communication to reach a quicker agreement, regardless of time and space. As long as you connect the XPPen drawing tablet or display with the computer and pair it with Zoom, Microsoft Teams or ezTalks Webinar or other office software, you can enter the online interactive meeting room anywhere, anytime. It breaks the physical boundaries of traditional pen and paper and enables you to realize the sharing of text, graphics presentation, icon demonstration and other handwriting and cloud data.
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