How to install XPPen Linux driver on Ubuntu (64 bits)

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Note: If you use VMware to run Linux, you must use the VMware Workstation Pro version. The VMware workstation Play version is not able to run the XP-PEN driver settings. 

1. Connect your XP-PEN to Ubuntu and make sure you can use the stylus to control the cursor. 

2. Download the Linux driver from the XP-PEN website.

3. Once downloaded, click the right button on the driver then choose "Extract Here". 


4. Open  the XP-PEN-Pentablet_3.0.5.201126-1.x86_64.deb folder. 

5. Open Terminal. 

6. Type in "sudo dpkg -i" then drag the XP-PEN Linux driver into it.


7. Type in your password if needed, then click Enter. 


8. Close Terminal then reboot your Linux system. 


9. When the system comes back from restarting, click the show applications button and you will now be able to open the XP-PEN tablet settings.