No display or black screen on a drawing display.

Applicable Model:Artist 10S,Artist 22,Artist 22E,Artist 16,Artist 13.3,Artist 15.6,Artist 16 Pro,Artist 22 Pro,Artist 22E Pro,Artist 12,Artist 15.6 Pro,Artist 13.3 Pro,Artist 12 Pro,Artist 22R Pro,Artist 24 Pro,Innovator 16,Artist 13.3 Pro Holiday Edition,Artist 22 (2nd Generation),Deco Fun,Artist Pro 16TP,Artist 24,Artist Pro 16, Artist 12 (2nd Generation),Artist 13 (2nd Generation),Artist 16 (2nd Generation),Artist 10 (2nd Generation),Artist 24 (FHD),Artist Pro 14 (Gen 2),Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2),Artist 13.3 V2

1) Check if the device is connected to power supply properly.

2) Check if the cable is connected properly.

3) Check if the power indicator is blue. If not, check the cable and restart the device.

4) If the signal is unstable, check if the cable port is stable.

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