Star 02

Work more efficiently using both hands—the Star 02’s touch-sensitive shortcut keys streamline your creative process and cut out cumbersome delays.


The Star 02 tablet features five customizable touch-sensitive shortcut keys. Smooth operation, zero noise.

Advanced battery-free stylus—convenient for both you and the environment.

The P01 stylus is incredibly ergonomic, allowing you to draw as smoothly as if you were using pencil and paper. The stylus does not require batteries or charging—no clumsy cords or extra costs.

Draw and create smoothly and accurately.

The Star 02’s automatic line correction, intelligent anti-shake function, and 2048 pressure levels come together to provide a comfortable, stress-free drawing experience.

Bring your creativity anywhere.

With a working area of 8x5 inches, the Star 02 is portable and easy to work with wherever inspiration strikes.

Efficient and functional.

Our stylus’s barrel buttons allow you to toggle between pen and eraser modes instantly, making the art process more efficient and less frustrating. Both buttons are customizable within the tablet driver’s interface.

Compatible with most operating systems and applications.

Our drivers work with Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Mac OS 10.8.x and above, and all major graphic applications such as Photoshop, Painter, Adobe Illustrator, etc.


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