XPPen celebrates its 15th anniversary

Aug 14,2020 AM 00:00


2020 marks the 15th anniversary of XP-PEN, one of the world's leading suppliers of digital painting products. XP-PEN was founded in 2005 in Japan, and soon began developing graphic drawing tools, opening a new chapter for the industry. Using advanced digital technologies, XP-PEN has grown from obscurity to global popularity. Our products are now being sold to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, helping the younger generation to fulfill their creative dreams.

Over the last 15 years, the XP-PEN team has worked hard behind the scenes to enable the brand to grow stronger and stronger. XP-PEN has stayed true to our global vision, designing, manufacturing and dispatching products of the highest quality. 15 years of precipitation and product development have allowed us to establish a strong brand identity. Our focus on small details and product quality has been key to XP-PEN’s long-term prosperity. The theme for XP-PEN's 15th Anniversary is identifying your own color. Color is ubiquitous. It is used both to create rich visual effects and to communicate with people. XP-PEN’s color is blue, which represents our confidence and determination to continue forging ahead into the future. Over the last 15 years, we have shared this determination to all the art professionals and enthusiasts who use XP-PEN products, helping them to create a better future for themselves.



In celebration of our anniversary, XP-PEN has launched anniversary editions of the Innovator Display 16, Deco mini4 and Deco mini7. Each product comes with a limited-edition gift pack. Combining excellent performance and amazing design, the Innovator Display 16 Anniversary Edition is the biggest highlight of the collection. With its slim and stylish digital screen, you can capture your inspiration anytime, anywhere. The highly portable Deco mini7 and Deco mini4 are some of the most affordable graphic tablets on the market. If you are always on the go, these portable tablets are undoubtedly the best choice for you. Always by your side, the Deco mini7 enables you to capture inspiration whenever it strikes. Its considerable 7 x 4.37-inch workspace allows you to create without limits. The Deco mini4 is even smaller than the Deco mini7. Fitting in your pocket, it enables you to draw anytime, anywhere and is both convenient and efficient.

XP-PEN has not forgotten to send X-Fans some amazing anniversary gifts. Each product comes with a gift pack filled with stickers and postcards. The gift pack for the Innovator Display 16 also includes a XP-PEN Branding Blue Pen and a Fenix keychain.



To XP-PEN, 15 years is an important milestone and we are sure that there are many exciting opportunities awaiting us in the years to come.

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