XPPen Entered into a Strategic and Technical Cooperation with Ugee and Hanvon

May 31,2018 PM 15:11

 In 2017, in order to develop better products, improve customer experience, and follow the demand of the market, XP-Pen entered into a strategic and technical cooperation with Ugee Technology Co. Ltd and Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. Through this close and ongoing mutual cooperation between Hanvon and Ugee, we are capitalizing on the mutual integration of hardware, software, and overall strengths. With the deep technical support of Hanvon, XP-Pen is able to provide more timely, efficient, and market-oriented service and support. And with the support of Cooperated Factory-Ugee, XP-Pen is able to bring more and better products and services to customers around the world, allowing them to experience the latest in graphics tablets.

XP-Pen will also commit resources to further improve product quality, expand the market, and promote its services to quickly and thoroughly enhance the worldwide popularity of XP-Pen, Hanvon, and Ugee. XP-Pen is also looking forward to learning from its peers in promoting the common development and being a world-class service provider of graphics tablets and displays. Our mission and goal is to allow Digital Art and Creativity to be practiced and encouraged all over the world allowing it to gain popularity. We wish to provide all passionate and engaging individuals, young and new, an opportunity to create and draw what they love.

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