XPPen Debuts Top-Notch Artist Pro 16(Gen2) Along with the World’s First 16384 Pressure Levels

Aug 21,2023 AM 09:38

The launch of XPPen's latest Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2) with industry-leading 16384 pressure levels indicates that self-developed X3 Pro chip sets a benchmark for digital art industry.


XPPen, the leading manufacturer of digital drawing tools, has globally announced the release of its latest product lineup,which includes the Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2) drawing display series and the highly-anticipated X3 Pro smart chip stylus. The X3 Pro stylus is armed with the X3 Pro Chip, which realizes 16384 pressure levels and targets 100% intelligent algorithm on all fronts.

To help artists capture their ideas in greater detail, Artist Pro 16(Gen2) feature X3 Pro stylus. This groundbreaking X3 Pro stylus marks a significant milestone for the industry as it boasts a self-developed and industry-leading 16384 pressure sensitivity technology, which ensures that creators can enjoy greater precision and accuracy when working with digital drawing tools.

The Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2) screen also features a variety of high-tech designs. For professionals, the Nature Display uses a fully laminated screen and a wide color gamut coverage ratio of 99% sRGB. Additionally, to provide users with the best experience, the Artist Pro drawing display has a built-in foldable stand, so users can always find a comfortable position while drawing. The TÜV (SÜD) certified screen optimizes eye comfort by reducing potentially harmful blue light emissions while delivering excellent color accuracy.


XPPen has gone the extra mile to cater to the needs of professional artists in the CG industry with Artist Pro 16 (Gen2) drawing display. What's particularly noteworthy is the addition of a pro-level Wireless Shortcut Remote, designed to elevate work efficiency. The Shortcut Remote is a good way to enhance work efficiency, as it features up to 40 customizable shortcuts with memory storage, multiple setups for different user preferences. The slim, compact design makes it easy for carrying.

The rapid development of science and technology has changed the traditional painting and drawing. However, to retain the excellent experience of original drawing as much as possible, Deco Pro (Gen2)series with X3 Pro stylus brings artists a traditional pen-and-paper feel, plus fast and stable connection via Bluetooth and over 10 hours of battery life per charged, allowing them to unleash their ideas and let their creativity run wild. Furthurmore, to meet various needs for sizes, Deco Pro (Gen2)series are available in three sizes: (XLW), (LW), (MW), which are similar to A3, A4, A5 respectively. Same as Artist Pro series like Artist Pro 14 (Gen2), it also has a round-edged wrist rest, combating the tension and fatigue of the wrist and working for hours tirelessly. Meanwhile, it's also a game changer for the industry and a must-have for anyone who is passionate about digital art.

“The X3 Pro stylus is part of XPPen's new product series that is included in both Artist Pro and Deco Pro series. With this new lineup, XPPen is set to revolutionize the digital drawing tools industry and provide artists and designers with the latest and greatest technology to bring their creations to life.” Said Kevin Li, Product Director of XPPen. Prior to the X3 Pro, the highest pressure sensitivity available on the market was only around 8K. However, for more demanding professional users, 8K can no longer meet the current needs, they want to find a more accurate strokes to realize the ideas in the head. Based on this demand, XPPen has successfully developed the industry's first 16384 pressure levels — to meet the higher needs of users.

XPPen believes that innovative, trendy and leading products and ecosystem can bring more abundant visionary inspiration to the new generation artists and enthusiasts, encouraging them to courageously pursue dreams and realize their authentic self-expression.

About XPPen

Originated from 2005, XPPen is now one of the top brands under HANVON UGEE, integrated with digital drawing products, content and service as a globally notable digital brand of digital art innovation. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, XPPen boasts 6 overseas subsidiaries(branches) and more than 50 agents, covering over 130 countries and regions with its products. By virtue of its progressive digital handwriting technology after more than 10 years’ accumulation and innovation, XPPen believes that, innovative, trendy and leading products and ecosystem can bring more abundant visionary inspiration to the new generation artists and enthusiasts, encouraging them to courageously pursue dreams and realize their authentic self-expression.

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Amy Yuan

XPPen Media Relation Manager


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