XPPen Deco Pro Wins the 2018 Good Design Award!

Nov 08,2018 AM 11:50

Breaking news! The XP-Pen Deco Pro graphic drawing tablet has been awarded the Outline of Good Design Award by the GDA jury. On October 31st, GDA invited XP-Pen to attend their global awards ceremony at the Grand Hyatt in Tokyo, Japan.

The jury praised the XP-Pen Deco Pro, saying the new interactive design will greatly improve operational efficiency. The knob and stylus enhance the experience and the silver-gray color scheme blends well into a variety of environments. Overall, the jury felt the Deco Pro tablet is one that will be favored by designers everywhere.

The Deco Pro is a tool designed for professional artists and carefully crafted to make the creative process as seamless and elegant as possible. That's why we designed our innovative Double Wheel, a new auxiliary tool that combines a mechanical and virtual wheel and makes it possible to perform multiple actions with one hand. The Deco Pro and its unique Double Wheel design will be available soon, so stay tuned!

And we want to give a special thank you to the Good Design Jury. We were honored to win this award and want to thank everyone who made it possible. XP-Pen will continue to strive to meet and exceed the expectations of the artists who rely on us. We'll continue to innovate, design, and build products and tools that support discovery and creativity from passionate artists all over the world.

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