XPPen in CTN Expo

Jan 30,2018 AM 11:32

In November we were able to attend the CTN Expo (Creative Talent Network) in Burbank California. There we met so many skilled artists there showing off their art and advice. The whole show was filled with eager students looking for resources. Resources whether in the form of advisement, books, and even hardware.

We held a speedpaint contest while there and got a lot of awesome entries from very skilled artists. Thank you to everyone who participated.

While there, we had many people come by our booth and try out our tablets. We were lucky to have many professionals come to the booth and give us their opinions on the tablets on display. Representatives from DreamWorks, Disney, and Nickelodeon came by to give us their thoughts, it was truly exciting!

We were able to learn a great deal as to what people are looking for in the hardware. The valuable information we received is super appreciated! Thank you to everyone who came by our booth to test our tablet and talk to us. We look forward to seeing you again this year!

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