XPPen Introduces World's Leading Magic Drawing Pad to Empower the Mobile Art at CES 2024

Jan 10,2024 PM 14:20

Revolutionizing Mobile Digital Art, Crafting a Mobile Creative Experience to Capture Instant Inspiration Anytime, Anywhere

XPPen, the world's leading digital art innovation brand, is thrilled to announce its participation in the highly anticipated 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is currently being held in Las Vegas from January 9th to 12th. During the event, XPPen is presenting its advanced digital drawing technology and unveiling the Magic Drawing Pad, a standalone drawing tablet set to be released on January 22nd. This noteworthy new offering features a 12.2-inch professional X-Paper display with a paper-like texture, equipped with X3 Pro Pencil and industry-leading 16,384 pressure levels. Designed as a mobile and portable standalone drawing tablet, it will revolutionize the professional mobile drawing experience for the global creative community, enabling them to create art on-the-go.



As a leading force in the digital art industry, XPPen is committed to providing artists and general creators with cutting-edge digital drawing tools that empower their creativity. With an impressive series of innovative products, XPPen has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and redefining the digital art experience.


During CES 2024, XPPen is showcasing its exceptional technological prowess and its continuously evolving innovation in digital drawing through its diverse product series. Visitors to the XPPen booth have the opportunity to explore the advanced XPPen products, including the Artist Pro (Gen 2) series and Deco Pro (Gen 2) series, as well as the Artist 22 Plus, which feature X3 Pro smart chip technology and the world's first 16,384 ultra-sensitive pressure levels. These products visually demonstrate XPPen's most ergonomic curve of pressure level, and the finer, smoother, and more anti-interference paper-like writing effect.


Notably, the highlight of XPPen's presence at the exhibition is the debut of the Magic Drawing Pad. This groundbreaking Android drawing tablet combines state-of-the-art technology with portability and versatility, catering to the modern artist's need for mobile creativity. The Magic Drawing Pad will revolutionize the way artists create and express themselves, enabling artists to unleash their creativity anytime, anywhere.

How to Define the Professionalism of a Mobile Drawing Pad?

With the deep commitment to technology development of XPPen, the Magic Drawing Pad represents the closest experience to drawing on real paper while providing the portability and versatility of a standalone drawing tablet. It features a 12.2-inch professional paper-like display with anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating, offering a seamless visual and tactile experience. The tablet will also be accompanied by the X3 Pro Pencil, which boasts the highest level of 16,384 pressure levels and battery-free EMR technology. With compatibility with the Android system, users can enjoy a wide range of creative applications, making inspiration more accessible. The seamless combination of these advanced features will provide artists with the most portable and professional drawing experience, also, its high cost-effectiveness makes it the ultimate tool for capturing creativity and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


"We are incredibly excited to showcase our latest innovations at CES 2024 and introduce the Magic Drawing Pad to the world," said Brian Huang, Marketing Manager at XPPen. "We aim to empower artists with tools that seamlessly blend technology and creativity, and the Magic Drawing Pad exemplifies that vision. We can't wait to see the reaction it will have on the artistic community."


Following its debut at CES, the Magic Drawing Pad will be officially released on January 22nd, bringing a new era of artistic possibilities to both professional artists and aspiring creators. With its Android compatibility, users can enjoy a vast array of creative apps and access a world of inspiration at their fingertips. The Magic Drawing Pad's exceptional precision, responsiveness, and expansive features make it the ultimate tool for capturing ideas, bringing imagination to life, and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


XPPen's participation at CES 2024 and the unveiling of the Magic Drawing Pad reaffirm their dedication to innovation and their commitment to providing artists with the tools they need to excel in their craft. With a relentless pursuit of technological advancements, XPPen will continue to accompany users on their creative journeys, shape the digital art landscape, and constantly empower creators worldwide.

Be sure to stop by their booth at CES 2024 to experience the future of digital art firsthand. For more information about XPPen and their innovative products, please visit www.xp-pen.com


About XPPen

Originated from 2005, XPPen is now one of the top brands under HANVON UGEE, integrated with digital drawing products, content and service as a globally notable digital brand of digital art innovation. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, XPPen boasts 6 overseas subsidiaries(branches) and more than 50 agents, covering over 130 countries and regions with its products. By virtue of its progressive digital handwriting technology after more than 10 years’ accumulation and innovation, XPPen believes that, innovative, trendy and leading products and ecosystem can bring more abundant visionary inspiration to the new generation artists and enthusiasts, encouraging them to courageously pursue dreams and realize their authentic self-expression.

To learn more, please visit https://www.xp-pen.com/

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