Visit to the DreamWorks Campus

Jan 30,2018 AM 11:23

In December, we were invited to the DreamWorks Campus in Glendale California  for an afternoon visit. We were invited by a representative that agreed to give us his thoughts on our latest monitor tablets, the Artist 15.6 and the 13.3. He agreed to be provided us with his thoughts on the Artist units and how they would handle in a production setting or in a setting for educating animator and designers.

Before we got down to business however, he was kind enough to give me a tour of the campus. It was a phenomenal experience! The campus was gorgeous with something new to see around every corner. Their common area courtyard was beautiful and was accompanied by their own personal on campus lake.

We were also greeted with lunch that was provided by the studio with a massive selection of food. Delicious, is what we would describe it as.

We would like to thank the representative for allowing us on the campus grounds and showing us around. We hope the Artist 15.6 and the Artist 13.3 live up to the expectation of his profession and the demand of his fellow peers.

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