XPPen Triumphs with Best Visual Identity from the Retail Sector Gold Award at the 2023 Transform Awards Asia

Nov 23,2023 PM 17:34

SHENZHEN [November 23, 2023] - On the evening of November 20th, the lauded Transform Awards Asia 2023 ended on a high note in Shanghai, China. XPPen, with its brand revitalization centered around the concept of 'Dream, Brave, True,' won the Gold Award for Best Visual Identity from the Retail Sector.

The Transform Awards, hosted by the authoritative global brand development and reshaping magazine, Transform Magazine, is one of the most respected awards in the brand industry. It recognizes successful cases worldwide that demonstrate creative strategies and impactful transformations in brand building, reshaping, or rebranding, thereby pushing for higher standards in brand construction across various industries.


Transform Awards Asia - Best Visual Identity from the Retail Sector

XPPen, in hands with Siegel+Gale, Launched a Brand Refreshment

As a renowned brand in digital art technology and innovation, XPPen in partnership with the globally recognized brand strategy consulting company, Siegel+Gale, in April 2022 to refresh the brand. They officially released a visual identity system centered around the new XPPen logo, imbuing the brand with a more modern, vibrant, and trendy new image, further strengthening the emotional connection and resonance between XPPen and Generation Z consumers.

"We are honored to have Siegel+Gale, a thoughtful partner, to provide professional output and service support on the journey of our brand upgrade. They instilled new meaning into XPPen, breathing fresh life into it. I believe we have established a more harmonious partnership, and this award belongs to every partner who has worked hard on both sides. XPPen will continue to implement the new brand philosophy and the development of ultimate products to build a high potential product and brand power, create products that users love, and continuously empower the creative design industry," says Amy Yuan, head of Marketing at XPPen .


New Visual Identity System of XPPen

This brand refreshment has not only been highly recognized by the industry but also further conveys XPPen's full attention to the product features and brand spirit of young users as a digital art technology brand. The new LOGO has adopted a more concise design: the initial "X" is reformed and focused by four brushes, symbolizing creation and expression with brushes, giving "X" a new connotation of exploration, creation, and expression. The letter P, optimized in terms of core proportion and curvature, is bold and straightforward in the new visuals, representing Possibility, Potential, and Perseverance, which are in harmony with the XPPen brand personality. The word Pen, meticulously polished and lined up with XP, fully embodies the brand's belief in empowering Gen Z to bravely pursue their dreams with the pen of creation. The new LOGO structure based on this connotation conveys the brand's trendy attitude and inner vitality to the outside world, more in line with the personal aesthetics of Gen Z users.


A New Connotation of X with Exploration, Creation, and Expression

XPPen's brand refreshment is not just a visual change, but a repositioning of the brand strategy and a clear direction for development. Through the reinterpretation of the logo and brand concept, XPPen, in addition to its inherent attributes of art design and technology, has injected the brand with a youthful trendiness and a courageous attitude of encouraging true creativity for Gen Z, expressing a beautiful vision of walking hand in hand and growing together with users, establishing a closer connection with the younger generation of consumers.

Technological Innovation to Empower Digital Art Dreams

The success of XPPen's brand refreshment also benefits from its long-standing technical strength and innovation capabilities in the field of digital drawing. As a digital creative technology manufacturer, XPPen has always been committed to technology development and innovation. In May 2023, XPPen was the world-first to introduce 16K pressure levels technology based on the X3 Pro smart chip stylus, and recently launched the X3 Pro roller stylus, continuously refreshing the digital drawing experience.


X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus to Achieve The World-First 16,384 Pressure Levels

The technology of XPPen’s X3 Pro smart chip stylus is not limited to achieving 16,384 ultra-sensitive pressure levels, but also achieves a comprehensive improvement in the performance of the entire system. With the help of the high data throughput and fast computing power of X3 Pro chip, as well as algorithm optimization, the data transmission volume increased by 1.5 times, and the computing power increased by 100%, making the drawing experience more sensitive and smoother, and the stylus control more stable and precise, achieving “exquisite control down to the finest detail.”

Also, the 16,384 pressure levels curve settings based on chip stylus better suits the pressure sensing recognition of human engineering “muscle memory”, and achieve delicate and smooth strokes from the moment the stylus touches the tablet, similar to the experience of traditional pen and paper. Additionally, the newly launched X3 Pro roller stylus once again brings a new experience to users with its advanced technology that not only enable smart identification and compatibility with multiple pen IDs, but also meet the demand for multifunctional and multi-tasking digital signal processing, greatly improving creative productivity.ng power increased by 100%, making the drawing experience more sensitive and smoother, and the stylus control more stable and precise, achieving “exquisite control down to the finest detail.”


Artist 22 Plus and X3 Pro Roller Stylus Equipped with the X3 Pro Chip and 16K Pressure Levels

In the future, XPPen will remain committed to brand development and technological innovation, engaging in deeper communication with users. To lead the digital art market through innovation and a trendy, youthful attitude, supporting more users to realize their dreams and express their true selves. Furthermore, XPPen will consistently introduce more forward-looking and practical products to meet users' ultimate creative needs in digital creation.

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