XPPen Joins ASIFAC 2024 Animation Festival & Conference, Celebrating the Creativity and Dedication of All Animators

Jul 08,2024 PM 17:30

ASIFA-South is the Southeastern US Chapter of ASIFA International. With a 28-year history, ASIFA-South has been a vibrant force in the development of the animation industry and the cultivation of artists. Each year, the ASIFAC Animation Festival brings together a diverse array of participants, including students, independent animators, and professionals, all united by their passion for advancing the art of animation. United by a shared goal of promoting animation development, XPPen honorably joined the ASIFAC 2024 Animation Festival & Conference and extended heartfelt congratulations to the winners.


As a Pioneer in the digital art industry, XPPen remains committed to supporting and inspiring the creativity of aspiring artists and art enthusiasts, empowering them to pursue their dreams freely. At the event, XPPen congratulated the winners and extended best wishes by presenting with the XPPen Artist 22 Plus, hoping XPPen Artist 22 Plus will be a reliable companion for them, supporting them through every moment of their creative journey.


XPPen Marvelled at the Enchantment of Animation

The 2024 ASIFAC featured four competitive categories: Best In Show, Animation For All, Best of South, and Audience Choice. XPPen is thrilled by the unique vibrancy and ingenuity present in the artists' entries.


Animation "Teacups" by Directors Alec Green and Finbar Watson

The animation "Teacups", directed by Alec Green and Finbar Watson, won the Animation for All Award. It is adapted from a true story of a man who prevented hundreds of suicides through simple acts of listening and conversation. The directors tried to prompt the audience to consider the impact of kindness and convey that simple acts of kindness can profoundly influence lives, even saving them.


Animation "The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits" by Director Ah Loong

The animation "The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits", directed by Ah Loong, won the Best In Show Award. It told a touching story about the farewell from the departed loved ones and the friendship between humans and animals from a child's perspective.


Animation "The Pope's Dog" by Director Neko Pilarcik-Tellez

The animation "The Pope's Dog",  directed by Neko Pilarcik-Tellez, was awarded the Best In South Award. It humorously depicts the adventure of the Pope's dog in a church where dogs are forbidden.

XPPen's Ongoing Commitment to Contributing to Art Development

XPPen always believes in the power of art to transform and inspire the world through creativity. As a leading digital art innovation brand, XPPen will continue to make contributions to the development of art by offering cutting-edge products and services, supporting artists to create and express themselves freely.

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