XPPen Joins Animaze to Host “Animation Day in Cannes”,Celebrating the Development of Animation Art

Jun 06,2024 PM 16:00

The Montreal International Animated Film Festival (Animaze), in collaboration with the Cannes Film Festival, held the special event "Animation Day in Cannes" in Cannes, France, from May 14th to 22nd.

XPPen is honored to be one of the main sponsors of this event. As a significant part of Animaze, the "Animation Day in Cannes" is specifically dedicated to animated films, attracting a wide range of emerging and classic animated works from all over the world to showing the infinite possibilities of animation art. Amy Yuan, Marketing Director at XPPen, expressed her honor in partnering for the event and congratulated Yiwen Cao on receiving the XPPen prize. "We are committed to supporting the growth of digital art and animated films, working together with creators worldwide to bring forth a more vibrant and dynamic world," she stated.


Building a Better World through Artistic Practice

To support the development of animation art, XPPen provided Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2) and Magic Drawing Pad as the prizes of winners in the event, which are in a total value of approximately 3,000 euros, and specially set up the XPPen prize. XPPen gladly had the honor to celebrate the exciting moment with the winners. This event is expected to have a wide-reaching impact among 30,000 professionals and 5,000 media outlets. The sponsorship from XPPen not only demonstrates firm support for animation art but also further strengthens its leading position in the field of digital drawing.


Yiwen Cao (China) , the XPPen Prize Winner of Animaze Animation Day in Cannes

XPPen is thrilled to announce one of our XPPen prize winners Yiwen Cao (China) at the annual Animaze Animation Day in Cannes 8th Edition, who is the directer of “Release” Nuclear Contaminated Water. The film expresses Yiwen Cao’s concern for the environment and tries to call on everyone to work together to protect the environment and the world.


“Release” Nuclear Contaminated Water,the works from Yiwen Cao(China)

Amplifying the Voice of Digital Art and Creativity

XPPen has been to various places at the film party to witness the the power of imagination and creativity with many art enthusiasts. XPPen is dedicated to promoting creativity and self-expression among creators based on its brand philosophy of "Dream, Brave, True". The company collaborates with leading creative teams in animation, film, gaming, and education industry to support creators in realizing their artistic dreams and driving the future development of digital creativity. These efforts have not only established XPPen's reputation in the industry but also provided endless inspiration and motivation to creators globally.


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