Getting started with your
XP-Pen Deco Series tablet

Follow these steps to start creating on your Deco Series tablet

Follow these steps to set up your XP-Pen Deco Series tablet
Step 1
Step 2
Download and install the driver.

Mac | Windows

Step 3
Follow the instructions to set up your Deco tablet.
Wired connection
Deco 01, Deco 01v2, Deco 02,
Deco mini4, Deco mini7
Connect the Deco to your computer via the USB Cable
Wireless connection
Deco mini7w
a.Plug the wireless receiver onto the computer.
b. Press and hold the power key on the tablet for 3 seconds to turn it on; it will be automatically connected to your computer.
Deco 03
a.With the Deco 03 switched “Off,” insert the included USB wireless receiver into your computer’s USB port.
b. Place the Deco 03 in range of the receiver.
c. Press and hold the K1 shortcut key while switching the Deco 03 "ON" to activate the tablet.
d. If successful, the Deco 03’ green wireless indicator light will light up and remain on. If the wireless indicator light does not light up, repeat steps a and c.