XPPen's Vibrant Presence at the 29th MANGA BARCELONA

Dec 25,2023 AM 10:20

Manga Barcelona, an important event for the world of manga and Japanese culture, takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Fans of comics, anime and video games gather at this Comic Expo to participate in themed activities, cosplay contests, get the latest news and exchange ideas with visitors from all over the world. The 29th Manga Barcelona concluded on Sunday, December 10th, surpassing the 163,000 attendees of the previous year and reached a total of 165,000 visitors.



Building upon this opportunity, XPPen had a booth in the Artist Alley and showcased its four latest drawing products: Artist 22 Plus, Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2), Artist 16 (2nd Gen) Le Petit Prince Edition and Deco Pro (Gen 2). Also on display were several models that have been very popular in the Spanish market, such as Artist 10 (2nd Gen), Deco MW, Deco Mini 4&7 and Star G960S Plus. Users on the ground gave a thumbs-up to the products, especially the new models featuring the cutting-edge 16k pressure-sensitive technology.




Additionally, you may have noticed that company not only arranged fun and diverse events at its own booth, but collaborated with the organizer on many of them if you are a fan of XPPen. At the booth, visitors participated in the raffle actively and won numerous giveaways. Furthermore, XPPen has sponsored many activities organized by Manga Barcelona, including the Roulette, the raffle and the DTIYS, from which numerous visitors were lucky enough to win prizes. We are grateful to Manga Barcelona for providing a platform to introduce XPPen to a wider audience, and sincere thanks extend to all event participants. We hope you enjoy the experience immensely!




At the same time, we feel fortunate to have invited five live artists to this event. In addition to showcasing their outstanding artistic skills, they patiently answered professional questions from visitors. Therefore, we would like to express special thanks to the five artists who were with XPPen during these four days: @whale4m, @florsdellunart, @JSLinares, @enosst and @gms.3dart.




Finally, we thank all the visitors who have come to our booth these days and hope that our services and products have met your expectations. Now is the perfect time to engage more with us if you have been a loyal follower of XPPen for a long time. For those who are new followers, we hope this activity has sparked your love for XPPen.


On behalf of the XPPen team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported us and joined the live broadcasts in the past few days. Your support inspires us to continually enhance our broadcasts, ensuring the best experience for you. MUCH APPRECIATED!

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