Getting started with your
XP-Pen Artist display

Follow these steps to start creating on your XP-Pen Artist display

Follow these steps to set up your XP-Pen Artist display
Step 1:
Connect the cables
Step 2:
Download and install the driver

Mac | Windows

Step 3:
Follow the instructions to set up your Artist display
Connect the cables
Artist 12 Pro,
13.3 Pro, 15.6 Pro,
Artist 12, 15.6 and 13.3v2
a. Plug the USB cable into the Artist display.
b. Plug the HDMI and black and red USB cords into your computer OR plug the HDMI and black USB cords into your computer, then, connect the red USB cord to the extender cable and USB adapter and plug it into an electrical outlet.
Artist 22E Pro, Artist 22 Pro
Artist 16 Pro
Connect the Artist display to your computer via the USB and HDMI cables and then connect power via the power adapter and power cord.