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About us

    XP-Pen originated in Japan back to 2005. In 2015, XPPEN Technology CO. was founded in the United States. XP-Pen has been dedicated on research, design, production and marketing of digital tablets since 2005. Our team is always committed to helping computer devices bring back the real essence of painting in order to blend traditional painting experiences into the digital age. XP-Pen believes that art comes from the creativity of every individual. Each idea contains originality, story, and it is irreplaceable. Therefore, XP-Pen products were designed and created based on our users' experiences. We assert that products should fulfill the needs of the users instead of asking users to adapt them. XP-Pen knows what users need, and moreover, we know what users desire.


    XP-Pen designs products with a global vision and manufactures the products under the most strict standard. We believe that the brand value is determined by the expectation customers have on the products. In the past 10 years, XP-Pen has made great successes in Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, Indonesia, and Korea; and its influence had spread over UK, US, Germany and other overseas markets. It is evident that XP-Pen's concept on painting is widely accepted by its users all over the world.


    In 2015, we decided to re-design the corporate image. The original image could not define who we are anymore. Today, we bring our users the new XP-Pen logo: the triangles around the letter X  bring the logo to life, and the color alone with triangles at different sizes represent the idea of Drawing Different, indicating that even the same thing may show different essences if drawn by different people. The lifted triangle on the top resembles the Magic Box, unleashing infinite creativity.



   Since the foundation, XP-Pen has been helping people realize their own ideas of painting. We are going to present the state-of-art technology that regular commercial products can not reach. We will transcend ordinariness and bring fresh energy to the creative future.   


The core concept of XP-pen


The four triangles in the logo of XP-Pen symbolize our professionalism, open mind, loyal service, and environmental-friendly.





We are dedicated to producing the state-of-art digital tablets including but not limited to our current products. We focus on research and development of new technologies and emphasize not just the quality of our products but also the convenience of working with computers.



Open Mind


We listen to the voice of our customers. Whether the users have any expectations or suggestions, we will try to blend these ideas into our products. XP-Pen believes in creativity. Our very existence and development rely on the value experiences of the users. In order to help our customers unleash their infinite creativity, keeping an open mind and listening to our customers will be the most effective approach.



Loyal Service


XP-Pen not only satisfies the users with the quality of our products, we also provide in-time feedback to our users regarding to their questions, suggestions, ideas, or even complains. It is because XP-Pen does not only sell products, but also offer quality service and inspire creative dreams.




XP-Pen has a sense of responsibility to protect our environment. We do our best to reduce the pollution of our products to the environment. All of our products are in conformity with the European ROHS. On top of that, we have already developed a series of no-battery stylus for reducing the pollution from batteries. XP-Pen has been taking environmental protection as part of the company duty.


The goal of XP-Pen

Bring fantastic painting experiences to people!

Customer service staff
Working Time
Monday to Friday
9:00AM - 6:00PM
Phone Number
USA: (+1) 626.421.7428
China: +86(0)75523769755