How to Adjust to Studying at Home

How to Adjust to Studying at Home

XPPen 2023-08-23 17:02:22 2 min read

Due to the enhanced community quarantine around the world, many schools are temporarily closed. School closure has impacted the lives of children and teachers in such a way that their learning and teaching methods have shifted online. Families have embraced online learning to ensure that children continue their education at home, and parents' role has become central to this. But how can parents, teachers, and students manage this new normal?

Aside from getting online learning tools, setting the scene for an optimized learning environment is also very essential. Trying out some practical tips to create an optimal learning environment will undoubtedly bring some much-needed order into a brand-new home environment.

1. Make a dedicated space for learning. The best place is where you usually can't play games or watch TV.

2. Digital rest or take breaks throughout the day. At this time, the Pomodoro technique can help manage your time and task.

Here's how this technique works:

        a. Choose a task to be accomplished.

        b. Set a stopwatch for 25 minutes on your phone. (The time can be longer, it depends on your focus span. )

        c. Work on the task until 25 minutes is up.

        d. Take a short five-minute break (this marks the completion of one "Pomodoro").

        e. Repeat steps a to d.

        f. After every four pomodoros, take a more extended break such as 20 minutes or more.

3. Plan your work and work the plan. Setting up a daily/weekly schedule and learning objectives can prioritize and learn to create goals, tasks, and deadlines. Adhering to a structured routine will allow you to maximize time for learning as well as leisure time to produce a healthy balance.

4. Stick to regular bedtime routines. We may be tempted to push bedtime by an hour or two, now that the early-morning school run is no longer a daily routine. However, adequate sleep is essential for concentration, motivation, and general wellbeing. Try to stick to a weeknight bedtime routine as much as possible.

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