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All of The Genshin Impact Art Style You Should Know About

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What is Genshin Impact?

what is genshin impact

Genshin Impact first embellished the world in September 2020. This game was launched simultaneously on PC, mobile devices (Android and iOS), and PlayStation 4.

It is a free–to–play action role-playing game designed by miHOYO in mainland China and worldwide by Cognosphere.

This game has an anime-style open-world environment and is an action-based game in which characters have elemental magic and play in a battle system.

The Genshin Impact game follows a service model, meaning that it receives updates in patches over time. It is a vast game with a staggering amount of content that is accessible for free.

There are four regions to reconnoiter, plentiful quests to complete, and multiple characters to collect, players can spend hours and hours in the depths of this game without spending a single penny.

In the era of AAA games where the user would purchase a new version every few weeks and would end up uninstalling it after playing it multiple times, Genshin Impact created its position for being free not only for a few trials but for multiple hours of exploration.

The Art Style Of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat which is home to seven nations. Each of these nations is tied to a different element ruled by different Gods.

The style of Genshin Impact is less realistic and more cartoonish. Unlike other photorealistic games in the game world, Genshin Impact presents a non-realistic open game world that is more cartoonish than Japanese – anime style.

The style of Genshin Impact has a beautiful combination of real-world architectural structures and animated characters. Inspired by the success of "The Legend of Zelda" the developers thought to design a combination of real-world open experience with anime-based fantasized characters.

If we specifically talk about the characters of Genshin Impact – the developers have paid attention to every minute detail also the vibrant aesthetics have played a vital role in attracting players and creating a world that feels alive.

Mainly and most importantly the art style of Genshin Impact swiftly grabbed all the eyes. The players somehow felt immersed in the world of Genshin Impact due to its combination of anime and comic art style.

1. Characters

Genshin Impact was a player of the gaming world and in the gaming world – the games do not rule but the characters rule, and Genshin Impact played with its characters well.

The biggest selling point of Genshin Impact is its characters. Genshin features a vast array of characters and regularly releases new ones. Each new character launch creates a significant buzz on social media.

Gamers, players, and even the media team create a lot of content about the new characters, making them the talk of the town even before their release.

For every new character, there is a demo video on YouTube, which reaches billions of views, highlighting their importance in the gaming community.

2. Shading and Animation

genshin impact character shading

Genshin Impact is famous amongst its players not only for a large range of characters but the word "style" can be used for its characters as they have a particular unique shading technique that only gives the characters a different style of combination of reality and animation.

The eyes of players were tired of seeing too much animation and reality, so Genshin Impact realized the need of the market and created a craving amongst players for seeing something new and different.

Genshin Impact created a combination of animation and reality. It is very cartoonish to believe that it's real and very real to believe that it's animation.

The shading on characters gives the user a refresher for the eyes.

3. Music

The music of Genshin Impact is Japanese Pop in origin. It features a mixture of electronic, orchestral, and rock music, with lyrics that one of the strongest elements in Genshin Impact is its music as it brings life and emotion to the entire gameplay and story.

Most of the players on different feedback forums have said on record that the music of Genshin Impact not only has a different flavor but provides a very soothing effect with a slight touch of pop and rock.

What Kept It Alive?

MiHOYO consistently paid attention to the updates to introduce new characters, story arcs, and events to keep the players engaged and betrothed.

The Company played a dedicated role and showed obligation to the community feedback on multiple forums including social media interactions.

Regular players could feel that the photorealistic art style in AAA games was getting a little repetitive.

The minds of the players were craving something different – and that is exactly when Genshin Impact delivered a unique and refreshing new open world that not only looked stunning but also felt like a breath of fresh air after a long time.

How Can You Mimic Genshin Art Style?

Genshin Impact's art style isn't just about following steps but about embracing a journey of creativity, exploration, and mastery. So, buckle up and prepare yourself to embark on an artistic adventure like no other.

4. Dive into the World of Genshin:

Start by immersing yourself in the captivating world of Genshin Impact. Study every intricate detail of its artwork, from the majestic landscapes to the charming character designs. Take your time to soak it all in.

5. Embrace the Anime Vibe:

Channel your inner anime artist as you dive into drawing characters with signature proportions, expressive faces, and elaborate costumes. It's all about capturing that essence.

6. Master the Art of Cell-Shading:

Genshin Impact includes clever use of cell-shading. Practice those techniques by thinking of bold, flat colors, and don't forget to add those juicy highlights and shadows for that extra depth.

7. Set the Scene with Lighting:

Experiment with different lighting setups as Genshin impact is all about lighting and atmosphere.

8. Craft Environments with Care:

For shifting your focus to the breathtaking environments of Genshin Impact, pay attention to perspective, texture, and detail as you recreate these stunning landscapes.

9. Splash on Those Vibrant Colors:

Tint your world with the vibrant colors of Genshin Impact! From lush greens to fiery reds, add magical elemental effects for that extra wow factor.

10. Hone Your Line Work:

Genshin Impact's artwork is all about that polished look, so sharpen your pencils and refine your work.

Smooth, confident strokes will bring your illustrations to life.

11. Attention To Detail

Little things make big differences.

Pay attention to detail, whether it's the intricate patterns on clothing or the subtle textures of nature. It's worth the effort.

12. Share, Learn, Grow:

Finally, it's time to share your creations with the world!

Seek feedback, learn from fellow artists, and never stop honing your craft. With each stroke of the brush, you're one step closer to mastering the art style of Genshin Impact.

Concluding Words

Genshin Impact was launched during a time that was extremely favorable for its release during the pandemic, as people were looking for something different to play.

One of the attractions of Genshin Impact is that players can spend hours exploring the game without actually spending any money, which has attracted many players.

Genshin Impact has quickly become very popular and captured a large market share. The characters of Genshin Impact are unique due to their remarkable combination of reality and animation features.

In addition, Genshin Impact's media team and fan pages created enough hype for each of its new launching characters and this also proved to be a very positive and penetrating business tactic.

Like all other projects, Genshin Impact also has some downsides that should be taken care of. But as every business model operates mainly of cost–benefit analysis, Genshin Impact has more stars in its business model than question marks.

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