Stylus draws when hovering on XP-Pen tablet without touching it

Stylus draws when hovering on XP-Pen tablet without touching it

XPPen 2023-08-23 16:47:31 3 min read


The stylus starts sensing and drawing on the tablet even when it is not physically touching the surface. This issue occurs when the stylus nib is approximately 2 cm above the tablet, resulting in unintended scribbles on the canvas during drawing. You have tried troubleshooting steps like replacing the nib, reinstalling drivers on Windows 10, and testing on different computers, but the problem persists.


Please try to replace another pen nibs test again. If it doesn’t work either, you're welcome to contact the XP-Pen tech support team:, they will help you check the issue. It's better to attach the issue video when you send the mail to them.

Alternative Solutions from Customers:

  1. Another user faced a similar issue and suggested adjusting the pencil pressure within the PenTablet app. They recommended configuring it to the midpoint of the square in this configuration: link to image.

  2. Another customer found a resolution for their pen issue. It involves disassembling the pen, but it's important to note that this action might void the warranty if it's still valid. The pen's functionality is influenced by a band pass filter that fine-tunes its inductive interface. Variations in humidity and temperature can affect the circuit, making it challenging to cater to all users' needs. By opening up the pen, users can access a small potentiometer that enables them to finely adjust the pen's contact sensitivity. This method is likely to be effective for a majority of users. The recommended approach is to open the associated app, hold the pen at the desired contact point, and then tweak the potentiometer until the "contact pressure" indicator reaches zero.

  3. Alternatively, users have the option to attempt a self-fix, although it comes with a disclaimer. There's a video guide available that demonstrates the process: link to video. It's important to be aware that disassembling the pen could void its warranty if the product is still within the warranty period.

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