Artist 15.6 Pro drivers can not input [Ctrl+'+']

Oct 15,2019 AM 02:30



I just got a new Artist 15.6 Pro (y,know the one with the shinny red wheel so I can zoom in and out really fast) and for some reason (aside from the confusing labelling system for the dial in the set up) the basic function of zooming in on a canvas worked but then it didn't.

And now it does not reconginse the input AT ALL of [Ctrl+'+']. So ... the zoom in fuction. It keeps putting in [Ctrl+'='] for some reason. On all buttons. I can't input it manually at all.

Even more hilarious is that it will zoom in and out on my primary monitor. So this internet browser will zoom in and out (even though I don't want that, I've got my canvas opened on my tablet screen?) but is still saying it doesn't understand the [Ctrl+'+'] function somehow?

The wheel is why I got this tablet over the other competition. Is there a clash or something going on??? Anyone having the same issues?

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