Artist 15.6 Pro, software such as SAI and Photoshop CS6 won't pick up on pen input after PC reboot.

Oct 16,2019 PM 13:47



I've just gotten my XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro a couple days ago and while it is a joy to use whenever it is working, it's an absolute hassle to get working in the first place.

After setting up the tablet and installing the drivers for the first time, it worked just as you would expect it to. Flawless interaction between hardware and software. The next day however, PaintTool SAI won't pick up on the Pen input anymore. This only occurs while the SAI window is active, as I can easily test due to my multiple screens. Even when SAI is open on the tablet, the mouse cursor still flawlessly follows the pen, until I click onto the SAI window and make it the active window, which immediately freezes the cursor, now only movable my mouse.

I've read several FAQs and Tutorials regarding the issue, but none of them were able to solve the issue. The only fix is to re-install the driver entirely, but this only works for a single session. As soon as I restart the PC, the problems arise again. I have also installed Photoshop CS6 by now and it's acting exactly the same way as SAI. Other programs still accept the pen input just as one would expect.

So as of now, the only solution to my problem is do de-install the driver, reboot the PC, re-install the driver, reboot the PC and then re-adjust my settings (yes, I know I can export and import settings) EVERY single time I start my PC. This is obviously NOT a very satisfying experience for a fresh and new tablet I just bought for a couple hundred bucks.

Anybody having similar issues and maybe having a solution to these problems? Any help is appreciated!

Thanks and have a nice day.

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