[ F I X E D ] Deco 01 V2 Doesn't Want to Connect

Oct 23,2019 AM 04:43



    Hello, I have owned a Deco 01 V2 tablet for around since August 2019, and, after not using it for quite a while (having to finally get around to use it just today), I have came across a problem where the PenTabletSetting can't detect the tablet. Other than that, the tablet seems to work fine with me being able to click and select things (although I cannot draw on any drawing programs such as FireAlpaca). 

    There are other issues where sometimes it doesn't exactly connect (as in the tablet's connected, the blue light shows I'm pressing with the stylus, but my cursor doesn't move) and I'd have to press relatively hard to select anything, but I'm unsure if it's related to the settings not detecting my tablet as it might just be pen pressure. There might even be a few more, but these are from the top of my head.

For the record:
 - I have a MacBook with MacOS Catalina (version 10.15)

 - I have tried to delete and reinstall the driver + update the driver (both of which I have done so multiple times) 

 - Checked to see if I allowed the application to make changes in Security & Privacy

 - Checked my USB cables (both the adapter and the connector seems fine - I checked by doing different tasks with them such as connecting other things and charging my Mac)

 - Restarting my laptop (shortly before I updated the Mac to Catalina, the setting seems to work fine) 

Additionally, my Mac's working relatively fine - I haven't damaged it in any way that would affect the performance of the tablet. I haven't touched the tablet either to cause any damage (no water, haven't dropped it, etc.) so that seems to be fine too. Any help or suggestions are appreciated thanks in advance.

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