Artist Pro 15.6 on linux

Oct 21,2019 PM 15:03



For linux users considering purchase, these are my experiences with recent purchase. Kudos to XP-Pen for providing a driver (still in beta, build from August 2019 is the most recent). I'm using Kernel 5.3 (in opensuse Tumbleweed, a rolling release) and Plasma desktop 5.17.


Shows "not detected" in KDE settings, however it is detected and works smoothly in blender, inkscape, gimp, krita, mypaint, opentoonz, and tupi. Pressure sensitivity works in the apps that support, and tilt works in krita and mypaint with the caveat that degree of tilt doesn't seem to matter. I've had a weird experience with inkscape, one computer where both tilt and pressure work great, and another wher neither work. I didn't think there was a difference between the installations on the 2 computers. The keys work but there's no way to change them through a GUI. Trial and error yields Pen1=mid-click, ring=Ctrl+/-, Keys = b, e, space, PgDown, v, Ctrl S, Ctrl Z, Ctrl Alt N. Pen button 2, I can't tell what it's mapped to, if anything.


Tilt doesn't work, but you get a GUI where you can map the keys. It's less sophisticated than the windows driver in these ways: 1) Ring only supports one configuration (from a fixed menu), so you can't assign a key to cycle through alternate ring settings. 2) You can assign b and e for brush and eraser, but you can't assign a toggle between the two. 3) You can't store different maps for different apps. 4) You can't assign standalone modifier keys, for instance Ctrl-Z works but not Ctrl by itself - however you can assign Ctrl+click, but you can't assign Meta (Windows key) at all. Also, you can't just fire and forget because you need root password to launch it for each session. Overall, a promising start - mapping keys to your workflow may be a bigger deal than tilt on the few briushes that use it in krita or mypaint.

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