tilt 90° off-kilter in inkscape (win10 version)

Oct 23,2019 PM 12:50



XP-Pen Artist Pro 15.6, Windows 10, Inkscape, go to Edit => Input Devices, select XP-Pen stylus, change from "disabled" to either "screen", note checkbox to use pen pressure and tilt sensitivity.

Select calligraphy tool, set width to pressure-based and angle to tilt-based (by clicking the icon to the right of each entry).

Expected behavior: Strokes aligned with pen tilt should be narrow, and cross-strokes should be narrow.

Actual behavior: The opposite, cross-strokes are wide. While this would be the appropriate behavior to simulate shading with a tilted pencil, it's wrong for calligraphy. I'd say "backwards" but actually sideways is a better description, the calligrapphy pen behaves as if rotated 90° from the direction of tilt.

System is virtualbox, driver version is 20190903.

PS: In linux (kernel 5.3), my experience is that tilt works correctly for calligraphy in inkscape, but this is WITHOUT the driver from XP-Pen, as I described here: https://www.xp-pen.com/forum-129.html

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