XP-pen artist 15.6 , driver/settings crushing instantly, on Windows 8.1 64bit [ RESOLVED ]

Nov 19,2019 PM 15:24



I have problem with XP-pen artist 15.6 ,

I installed the driver, and although the driver appears to be working ( the pen functions fine )

The driver/settings crushing instantly, basically preventing me from setting buttons, or anything.

2019-11-17 13_08_53-.png

I have Windows 8.1 64bit and 16GB ram and Nvidia GTX 970

I have tried all 3 drivers on download page, and installed updated firmware. I switched USB ports.
Nothing helped. I am out of ideas.

My best bet is that something is clashing with the settings/driver and causing it to crash. But I dont know what it can be ?

Please help !

> Apparently Antivirus was the problem. Once i put the program in exclusion, everything works fine !

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