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Christmas and holiday season

Christmas 2019 celebration has kicked off, and everybody has geared up to enjoy the festivities of the holiday season. The holiday season is that time of the year where the shopping frenzy kicks in, and almost everyone is busy with getting the best items the season has to offer.

It’s the season of giving all over again! One of the biggest joys of Christmas is buying presents for our loved ones It will be much appreciated by your husband, wife, teens, kids, grandchildren or friends because those are the most popular and most wished for presents for Christmas.

Your best friend, or close relative, is a digital artist. Now is the time to find some incredible gifts that the digital artist in your life will really appreciate and be able to use.

This year, why not treat the artist in your life to something special? Show them how much you appreciate their talent, or help empower them to create something they haven’t been able to make before. I guarantee they’ll love you for it. Or just treat yourself.. I’m sure you deserve it!

Graphics tablets come in all shapes and sizes, and they make great gifts for digital artists. The tablet and pen pack all you need for digital inking, primed for artists, designers, and more looking to delve into digital works.

Choose Graphic Tablet for Digital Artists as a Perfect Gift

Behind are the days when graphic artists used pen and paper to create their art. Most of the modern artists are moving towards digital devices and use drawing tablets that can help them create stunning artwork with unlimited customization options.

Drawing tablets are more secure and reliable, offer tons of customization option, and you can store your artwork forever on storage devices. If you have the skills and a drawing software, the only thing you need to get started is a graphic tablet for creating artwork.

When buying a new digital tablets there are several factors to take into account: best price, Physical Size, Pressure Sensitivity, Resolution , Tracking Speed , On-Screen or HotKeys ? Which tablet is best for you depends on your wishes and what you are going to use your new tablet for.

XP-Pen Store Christmas Deals, Offers, Promos and Discounts 2019

The XP-Pen Christmas deal is indeed the best thing you can lay your hands on this holiday season if you are an artist or looking for the best gadget to gift your artist friend. XP-Pen intents to make its customers happy with exciting new deals everyday this month. You can grab the best deals on drawing tablets and graphics monitor online.

XP-Pen are a popular maker of budget through to high-end drawing graphics tablets, designed for a wide audience and skill level. providing a wide array of features starting from the beginner-friendly drawing tablet Star Series up to the professional grade Deco Pro. which can connect to PCs and Macs to transform it into a virtual canvas. Other notable XP-Pen tablets include the Artist Series , which enable directly onscreen drawing for artists . 

If you thought the discounts and deals were over now that the Black Friday weekend has finished, you'd be sorely wrong. Your bank account is about to be hit again with all the Christmas sales, and there are some spectacular offers available throughout December.

This Christmas season XP-Pen Store has kicked off an unmissable deal for any creatives, knocking 30% off the graphics tablets and pen displays to artists all around the world. Be prepared to get amazed and at the same time bag all the digital art goodies that you ever want to possess with XP-Pen Christmas Deals.

Early XP-Pen North American Store Christmas deals for 2019 are live now. Christmas sales are time limited from Dec.06~Dec.26 . For the full range of live deals check out official Store's Christmas deals page - . Double the joy this Christmas season . Enjoy awesome promos with your favorite XP-Pen Tablets .

For now this Store promo in the End of Year sale is exclusive to USA, Canada , Hong Kong users. other regions, for now, you Can go to other official Stores . for example :

Australia Store  :

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