My 13.3 Pro pen stops working when I open up an art programs window. Any help?

Dec 26,2019 AM 05:30



Hello, I've received the XP-Pen Artist Display 13.3 Pro as a gift! The tablet and pen itself work properly and well, to the point I can play games like Runescape, and Minecraft through my tablet (with a lack of obvious controls of course).

Though I've encountered an issue when it comes to compatibility with art programs that has me confused.. when I start said art program up and open it's window, the tablet/pen buttons still work and everything, but suddenly my pen doesn't register when I place it on my screen whatsoever. It doesn't matter how many times -or where- I click on my screen, it won't function properly anymore till I minimize the art programs window.

I figure my best course of action is to list the installation steps I took in detail, and see if anyone is able to spot where I might have gone wrong. Here's what I did:

1) Uninstalled my previous Wacom Tablet Driver, there were 3 tablet related programs visible (, though I was told to leave them alone/they don't matter; i'd assume they don't since the install didn't change them at all.

2) I plugged in my 13.3 pro, and it started to install something. I waited & it finished

3) I went to the XP Pen website and installed the proper drivers, I went to start the EXE and clicked "Install" when it opened. The tablet said to follow the necessary steps, but it just instantly installed. So I restarted my computer once it was done.

4) I opened my display settings, and switched to "Duplicate Display", opened up the "Pentablet" program and calibrated my pen. Since i'm using "Duplicate Display" the only monitor option was Monitor 1, so I kept it.

From here, the pen was picked up by my tablet perfectly, and I could start up/use different programs, etc. Though, when I start up my art programs and open it's window, the pen just isn't picked up by my tablet anymore.

Is there any way I could fix this problem?

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