Thunderbolt and USB-C

Aug 02,2019 AM 02:44



I just got an Artist 15.6 Pro, I love it! I use it on both my Mac Laptop and my PC desktop.

Just curious if there is any work to update the drivers to support using USB-C and/or Thunderbolt 3?

The Artist 15.6 pro uses a USB-C connection with a special cable, which splits into 2 USB connectors (1 for data, 1 for power) and an HDMI cable.

On newer macs, there are thunderbolt 3 ports (USB-C compatable) and on PC's with newer graphics cards, like Nvidia's RTX series, there are USB-C ports. Both of these are capable of providing 100W power, USB 3.2 Data and Video. 

Just wanted to know if new drivers are in the works to take advantage of this and use just a single cable.

This is a feature of certain competitor's tablets.


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