Meet the Runner-Up of #xmastreechallenge

Feb 15,2020 PM 15:41



Last December, facts flew among digital artists as XP-Pen held a #xmastreechallenge on Twitter as part of the XP-Pen Holiday Season events.

A total of 120 digital artists participated. The first-place winner, @holidayqk, won an Artist 22R Pro; each runner-up, @dakeiji and @miksketched, got an Artist 15.6 Pro holiday edition. This challenge was to draw a Christmas tree in your style, including the XP-Pen mascot, Fenix, and the logo.

"To win second place was a pretty good feeling — it was exciting — and I knew the competition was gonna be intense, so I tried my best." Mi-K(@miksketched), one of the runner-ups, said.

Mi-K-entryArtboard 1.jpg

Mi-K-entryArtboard 2.jpg

Mi-K's entry for the #xmastreechallenge

Mi-K is from Malaysia. After she became a big fan of Japanese comics at 11 or 12 years old, Mi-K started her drawing journey.  Eventually, she graduated with a Bachelor of Art & Design (Graphic Design) and currently works as a freelance illustrator.

"I didn't start digital drawing until I got into university because I lived in a small town, and there weren't any up-to-date tech shops back then. When in university, I finally got the chance to shop around the big city and bought the drawing tablet almost as soon as I saw it." Mi-K said, "I learned drawing mostly from imitating my favorite artists and online videos. Because of the clean outlines and the simplicity of expressive physical features,  I do favor cartoon style among many other areas."

When asked any advice for someone has never tried digital art, she said, "You don't have to buy expensive tablet and software to get a start. There are plenty of great affordable and free alternatives that work well. Don't feel that you need to get the same equipment as your favorite professional artists to make excellent artworks."


Mi-K and her prize-Artist 15.6 Pro

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