questions regarding graphic displays

Feb 21,2020 PM 13:45




First of all I want to take this chance to thank you guys from XP-PEN for making such a great producs. I'm a happy owner of deco 3 and deco pro and I'm absolutely in love with them. You guys are doing amazing job, thank you!

So my question is wether it's possible or not to hook up Artist 22R Pro with my setup in duplicate display mode if I work in 4k/2k resolution? Will I be forced to lower my main monitor resolution to FHD? I suspect the extend displays mode is the only way to go if all my monitors resolution is higher than FHD but I'd like to be able to use it in duplicate mode.

I hope you guys at XP-PEN will make 2k/4k graphic display next. It would deffinitely be a gem among all graphic tablets and I'd be more than happy to obtain one as soon as it comes out. 



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