Hardware issues and some proposed solutions - Artist 15.6 Pro

Mar 23,2020 AM 10:55



I've just received my Artist 15.6 Pro and I really like it. Background: I'm not an artist. I'm simply using it as a substitute to an actual white board due to the COVID-19 school closure issue. I anticipate your sales will spike so be prepared :)

What I noticed as hardware issue (and proposed solution):

  1. I have an HP laptop, if I have the tablet powered up before I turn on my laptop, then my laptop will not turn on. It shows a cursor (underscore, like that in DOS) on the top left corner and hangs, until I remove the device USB connection. It will proceed to boot and load OS. If I plug in the device USB connection, it works. This makes me think that it is an HP "BIOS" issue that at boot it was unable to handle the device type of the tablet USB so it hangs. Same thing happens if you connect an Xbox 360 kinect to an HP. I think a later "BIOS" update fixed that. My proposed solution to the manufacturer is to add a 10 second delay to your device's USB attach() so that the computer will have passed through "BIOS" and the modern OS will be in control and knows what to do with any USB device type. My proposed solution to a user is to not have the device USB connected until your computer boots, if you encounter the same issue I encounter, or try connecting the device USB via a USB hub. That helped me with the Xbox 360 kinect.

  2. Same issue as above. If you turned off your tablet when you boot your computer, then it boots fine. But then when you turn on the tablet, strange things happen. My main screen, which is an HDMI monitor will black out for a second. The tablet pen will not register (rather, it is confined to move at the far right boarder of the tablet), and the shortcut keys are in the wrong settings. This makes me think that the input device boots up but somehow didn't receive any initialization from the driver so it sets the buttons to some default values, probably decided by the firmware developing team, with some b, v, space, Ctrl+s, Alt, etc. Not the default that comes with the driver interface. So in order to fix this as a user, you have to unplug the device USB and plug it in again. As manufacturer, you should find a way to fix this. My guess is that turning the power on caused some power surge on the USB signal since both USB power and USB device are on the same cable, probably with insufficient shielding, so that the driver was not able to initialize the device if it attached, then detached, then reattached.

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