I accidently pressed "Confirm receipt" button on my account

May 08,2020 AM 04:37



Hello, my username is IAPD3000. A newbee here!

My situation here is, umm....Today, I went to my account on https://www.storexppen.com/login/index.html to check one of my orders (Artist Display 12 pro) that I did not received the package yet. Still waiting for it to come I So I press "Confirm Receipt" button by accident. I was clumsly and so stupid to press it. I accidently went bonkers when I saw nothing to revoke that button and I am still waiting for the package to arrive. 

Anyway i contact costumer support by chat line and they give me an email for online process & payment. I have sent an email expalining my problem. I hope my package will come soon.

Have any of you had press that confirm receipt button before you receive a package to them?

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