Artist 22E Pro gives "Device Not Found" error in PenTabletSettings after installing driver.

Sep 25,2019 PM 20:38



Hello All. I recently (as in just today) got an Artist 22E Pro and am in the process of hooking it up to my computer, a 2015 Macbook Pro running on Mojave 10.14. However, Despite the displays working in mirroring modes and by themselves, the PenTabletSettings file spits back a "Device Not Found" Error. It looks like this, and means I can't configure displays, pens, or express keys:Screenshot 2019-09-25 22.17.42.png I've uninstalled my Wacom driver, uninstalled and re-installed the software, and restarted my device multiple times, but nothing seems to be working. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a part of the installation process I'm missing? 

Regards, ByrdieRose.

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