good recommendations fora mounting arm

Best Mounting Arm Recommendations fora mounting arm for the Artist 24 Pro

XPPen 2023-11-22 17:24:39 0 min read

Question: Hi everyone. I wanted to see if anyone had some good recommendations fora mounting arm for theXPPen Artist 24 Pro.

Василий: I am using a Chinese copy of the ergotron LX. It works great.

geomoondog: So what is the model name and brand????  
Or is it top secret? Or maybe too much typing work for you?


Mounting arm will not provide 100% rigidity. The material of the table to which you attach it is also important. The attachment point is a weak point. Better if the table is made of hard wood. I cannot compare the copy of Ergotron with the original, but judging by YouTube, the Ergotron will have a slight wobble under pressure.

Name of model i use is BL-XSJ8102C

Why: Without reservation, the ergatron arms are the best. They are solid, fit the xp-pen without adapters for the mounts and last forever. And no, I don't have any association for them. I have just tried numerous others, and am now on my 5th ergatron because a cheaper arm isn't going to work... esp on the 24 pro i was just given! Be sure to check the weight capacity so it doesn't droop on ya. Hope this helps

G: Which arm do you use with the xp pen 24?

I see a few of the ergotron arms have max load of 25 pounds, which would technically be enough to hold the 24 pound xp pen 240, but if it jostles or dips when applying strokes / hitting keys that would be a nuisance. Did you go for a 30 Pound limit arm?

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