3 Special Places to Find Clothes and Costume Reference

3 Special Places to Find Clothes and Costume Reference

XPPen 2023-08-23 11:09:49 2 min read

As an artist, using reference is daily work. Although today there're tons of art resources on the Internet, finding the right one can be very tricky. Here are several surprising places for you to check clothes and costume references. I hope you guys find your need.

#1 The Sartorialist Blog

Photographer Scott Schuman found The Sartorialist in 2005. This blog is with the idea of connecting fashion and daily life. You can find both woman and man daily but fashionable look in these blogs. In this blog, it puts feature tags for each image, such as city name or clothes type, then you can search for images based on these tags. Many of the people in the pictures are just ordinary beings, so their lookings are a perfect reference for modern characters.


#2 Instagram

There're plenty of historical costumers on Instagram to share their working process and final work. Some are focus on shoes, some are focus on corsetry and but most of them are focus on garments. You can find plenty of high-resolution historical garment images on all kinds of museum websites, but it's a little vapid that those garments are on dummy models. Thanks to the historical costumers, they bring new life to these garments.

Historical costumers to follow:






#3 Google Arts & Culture

In recent years, museums around the world have been working on digitalize their works of art. But these resources are scattered all over the Internet. Google Arts & Culture, it's like a massive database of worldwide museums. You can type in clothes type, like "coat", then you will get all types of coats from museums around the world! The search results can be displayed by popularity, time, or color.

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