How to Draw Genshin Impact Characters

How to Draw Genshin Impact Characters - Xianyun

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The challenge and thrill of bringing Xianyun from the enchanting realms of Genshin Impact to a modern setting offer artists a unique task that will push the boundaries of their creativity.

By understanding and integrating these timeless qualities, artists can create a refreshing yet familiar Xianyun, making her resonate with audiences in our modern era. Artists can utilize the XPPen Drawing Tablets to simplify the process of drawing Xianyun in diverse versions. Equipped with the x3 Pro Pencil, it translates each stroke into a precise digital representation of your concepts. This guide is crafted to aid creators in this artistic journey, emphasizing the preservation of Xianyun’s essence while seamlessly integrating her aesthetic into a modern narrative. Trust me, it’s easy to learn how to draw Genshin Impact characters step by step.

Genshin Impact Xian Yun Design Steps

Creating Xianyun for the modern world involves an intricate process of sketching, refining, and detailing that captures both her essence and her new context. Start with dynamic sketches that outline her posture and movement, indicative of her readiness and agility.

As you add layers to these sketches, infuse each element with meaning. Her suit, while stylish, should subtly recall the design of her armor, reminding viewers of her battlefield origins. The colors chosen should reflect her past palette but be tempered to fit the corporate environment, symbolizing her ability to adapt without losing her identity. This thoughtful depiction ensures that each element—from her clothing to the accessories she chooses—tells part of her story, making her a compelling character who bridges her fantastical past with her vibrant present.

Step 1: Analyzing the Pose and Angle

Let's start by analyzing Xian Yun's dynamic pose and the camera angle from our reference image. I'll sketch a simple skeleton to get the proportions right. Notice how the angle adds drama? We’ll use basic geometric shapes to nail that perspective. It's like putting together a puzzle - piece by piece.

These first steps serve as your initial guideline on how you can further refine Xian Yun’s proportions and poses. It might look weird but this is a common strategy used by almost every artist. Try to be as simple as possible without adding any complicated sketches since this is to serve as a reference only and will usually be erased or covered up later on.

Xianyun drawing steps

Step 2: Sketching the Basic Outline

Now, with our trusty light lines, let’s sketch out the body, the flow of the hair, the clothes, and yes, even that office chair she’s lounging in. These initial lines help us ensure the structure is dynamic yet believable. Think of these lines as your drawing’s foundation. This is a more detailed version of Step 1 and it is at this point where you can see the form of the character. You could even add a perspective box which serves as a way where you can measure the space surrounding Xian Yun. This is very important when it comes to drawing the chair as well because sometimes it might be out of proportion without the proper guidelines.

Xianyun drawing steps

Step 3: Detailing the Outfit

Xian Yun's look is pretty slick - a white shirt under a smart coat, with his long hair flowing behind him. Let's add those details now, keeping our lines relaxed. We’ll also sketch out that flowing coat and the office chair. It's all about capturing that breeze-in-the-office vibe!

This is one of the most exciting parts of the process as you can be as creative as you want. In addition, you see how her outfit flows throughout her body and the chair. You could also add some detail to her hair, her body, and even some parts of her face.

Xianyun drawing steps

Step 4: Refining the Sketch

Time to clean up our sketch. Transform those rough outlines into clean, sharp lines. This step is crucial as it sets up our character for some amazing coloring work later. Make sure every line adds character and style to Xian Yun. This is essentially more and more detailing with every nook and cranny to be accounted for.

Another thing aside from the coloring is that it can also be used to set up the shadows and lighting for the character later on. Make sure to take it slow and not rush this step as once this is done, it's going to be hard to make some changes later down the line.

Xianyun drawing steps

Step 5: Laying Down Base Colors and Shading

Before we jump into colors, let's lay down some grayscale layers to define material textures and the depth of different parts. This helps us in understanding how light interacts with different materials. It’s like preparing a canvas before a painting session. Make sure to only use different shades of gray and black. The lighter the fabric or material the lighter the shade should be and vice versa.

Her pants, the front of her hair, and gloves should be darker along with the chair. While her shirt, coat, and the back parts of her hair are lighter with her face and skin. Make sure to not shade over the lines you’ve set in Step 4 to make the coloring process clean and smooth.

Xianyun drawing steps

Step 6: Adding the Colors

Now, another exciting part - colors! We can sample directly from our reference or adjust hues based on the grayscale underpainting. This step brings Xian Yun to life. Watch as we play with saturation and light to make him pop off your screen! Xian Yun in the game, primarily has a Blue-Greenish hue on the highlights of her hair so I think that’s a great choice for the rest of our colors.

We’ll be using different shades of blue with red as highlights for her gloves and the frames of her glasses. This is important to make some of the colors of the drawing pop up more than the rest. Follow the grayscale underpainting for the intensity and darkness of the colors.

Xianyun drawing steps

Step 7. Add Lighting and Shadow

Once all the main blocks of color have been set, we’re getting to one of the more difficult parts of our journey – adding lighting and shadow. Identify the source of light by adding a little sun and then use that as a guideline. Add lighter shades if the part of her body is closer to the sun, and if it is farther, add some darker shades.

Be calm and don’t overthink, since you’re using an XPPen Drawing Tablet, you could always just undo it. After you’ve finished this step, you’ll notice that it looks a lot better and more professional compared to how it was back in Step 6.

Xianyun drawing steps

Step 8: Final Touches

Now that we’ve set the light source’s direction and enhanced the light and shadow on Xian Yun for that dramatic effect. If you want to take it up a notch, we’ll add highlights and refine the color reflections on her outfit. Focus on the focal points, soften the less important parts, and maybe throw in some cool special effects to finish off.

We’ll also add that blue-greenish hue that can be seen on her iconic hair as well as add some shine to it. You could even add more texture to her clothes to differentiate the roughness of her pants from her clothes and shirt. If you’re feeling extra energetic, you might even consider adding more details to the chair.

There you have it! You have successfully drawn Xian Yun in the office and I might say, she’s looking fantastic. However, even after we’ve talked about the detailed steps on how to achieve it, the most important thing is to have fun while drawing.

Xianyun drawing steps


Redrawing Xianyun for the modern world transcends mere environmental changes, it involves a profound reinterpretation of her character that engages in several layers. By successfully accomplishing this, artists do more than just honor her historical essence—they innovate her role to resonate powerfully with both dedicated fans and newcomers alike.

You see, the goal is to craft a portrayal that maintains the core of her character while positioning her as a relatable and inspirational figure for a global audience.

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