Genshin Impact Outfit Ideas

Genshin Impact Outfit Ideas- Ganyu in Dune era

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When you’re thinking of Genshin Outfit Ideas, there’s one trend that’s been recently rising. In the evolving worlds of science and fantasy fiction, the post-apocalyptic "wasteland" has captivated both creators and viewers because of just how much danger, mystery, and beauty it can have. From the dusty oases of Arrakis in Frank Herbert's "Dune" to the wasteland of numerous video games and films, these awful but interesting settings offer a canvas for themes of survival, determination, and the unstoppable human spirit.

Among all those in such harsh conditions, functional clothing turns into both a fashion statement and a need for survival. Especially in cases like the one in Dune, it can become the key difference between life and death. In Genshin Impact, Ganyu is one of the best characters to apply this concept on. Just imagine her elegant persona with the harsh realities of the wasteland.

With that in mind, here’s a complete breakdown on the Geshin Impact Ganyu Outfit for the wasteland.

Design Idea For Genshin Impact Ganyu Outfit

Of course, before diving deep into how such functional clothing was created, we need to understand where the idea came from. This includes the inspiration as well as Ganyu’s personality and characteristics. Along the way, you’ll also get to know just why this specific outfit was chosen and how it helps Ganyu adapt to her environment. This is an essential section when cultivating Genshin Impact outfit ideas female.

Wasteland World Views

The wasteland worldview is an eerie and frequently troubling picture of a dystopian future where life on Earth is destroyed and the entire globe is inhospitable because of a catastrophe, may it be man-made or natural. This particular dreadful and pitiful setting offers the creepy backdrop for tales about human nature, survival, and the strength that is necessary to rise from the ashes of civilization.

Like the dried-up deserts of Arrakis in Frank Herbert's initial "Dune" novel and film adaptations, the wasteland world provides a scenario where resources are limited, and the elements appear to work against its inhabitants. Water, food, and shelter turn into commodities, and people in these harsh environments must either adapt or straight-out die.

In Dune, the entire planet of Arrakis was turned into a desert wasteland due to the sandworms that populate it. Because of those same creatures, Spice, an important mineral, filled the harsh desert terrain. The Fremen, natives of Arrakis, have become one with the desert. Through faith and their own efforts, they have successfully adapted this inhabitable land by learning how to ride sandworms, create Sietches (communities) underground, and have even collected millions of decaliters of water to once again turn the planet into a green paradise.

Regardless of the danger and intensity of these settings, they offer a canvas through which storytellers and world-builders can explore the nature of man and its complexities. Adversity tests characters to their limits, revealing their morality, courage, strength, and resolve. This is why the fight for survival turns into a spiritual battle in addition to a test of inner strength and determination to hold onto hope even under the toughest conditions.

Moreover, the wasteland worldview is usually a warning of what is ahead because of uncontrolled environmental degradation, indiscriminate war, or conceit in the direction of technology. These barren landscapes remind us exactly how fragile life is and also the way we should safeguard the balance between life on Earth.

Ganyu Personality and Characteristics

Ganyu, the elegant and mysterious secretary of the Liyue Qixing is a character whose persona is as multifaceted as it is appealing. With the blood of both humans and the immortal qilin flowing through her veins, she has a mix of grace and toughness which could excel in a wasteland world.

On its surface, Ganyu is silent and reserved and her soft nature is a manifestation of the noble qilin. But beneath this mellow exterior lies a stubbornness along with loyalty to her duty that has kept her going for millennia of service to the Liyue Qixing. Yes, Ganyu is that old.

The way she looks too is just as elegant as her personality. She has cerulean blue locks dangling down her back, matched by black-red horns that sweep across her tresses. Her eyes exhibit an intriguing sectoral heterochromia which changes color from purple on top to pinkish gold on the bottom, making her entire body appear mysterious and intriguing.

Ganyu may possess a calm face but she has a determined spirit that conceals her real power. She's relentlessly committed to her work and approaches each challenge with energy and determination. But such a hard work ethic often comes with a cost, as Ganyu often overlooks details and falls ill from her heavy workload as time goes by. Basically, she loves to overwork herself. Because of this, she also has few friends and can become very forgetful after becoming the secretary of the Liyue Qixing for more than a thousand years.

However, it's exactly this determination and strength that makes Ganyu such a strong character to picture in such a desolate wasteland world. Her grace and resilience in the face of difficulties and her natural beauty would make her a formidable presence in such an environment, even mimicking Chani’s vibe from Dune.

Despite that though, she has a more human side to her. She easily gets embarrassed when it comes to her childhood, weight, and horns. Ganyu also gets easily flustered when she forgets important details when it comes to her work. She also respects Xiao and Cloud Retainer and becomes very angry when people insult the Geo Archon or Beidou.

Functional Clothing Designed For Ganyu

In the environment of a wasteland world, clothing becomes more than fashion accessories. They're crucial for survival and if a person can thrive in such conditions. For Ganyu, whose grace and elegance are ingrained into her being, creating such clothes presents a specific challenge – one that requires a sense of balance between function and form.

Like the legendary "Stillsuits" of the Dune universe, Ganyu's fashionable clothes would need to integrate cutting-edge technologies and supplies to keep her alive in severe conditions. These kinds of garments will have to be breathable, regulate body temperature, and filter body fluids for recycling into a drinking water source. Every aspect of this suit is crucial and Ganyu will need it to survive the unforgiving deserts of Arrakis.

Moreover, Ganyu's clothes will have to offer protection against the elements, keeping her skin from being burnt by the sun, hot wind, and sharp particles which could certainly batter her in a desert. The incorporation of lightweight but tough materials and reinforced joints would be essential for her mobility and agility and give her the ability to move over challenging terrain with relative ease.

Imagine a slender, fitted suit created out of a type of "dragon silk" - a smooth, leathery, thermal, and breathable material that can withstand the harshest conditions of the wasteland. Elastic patches engineered with advanced nanomaterials could enable free movement and integrated body tubes could dynamically adjust to body temperature and filter precious body fluids for recycling.

Some of Ganyu's functional clothing might have the following features:

  • Integrated climate control systems to maintain body temperature at an optimum level.

  • Advanced water conservation filtration and recycling systems.

  • Lightweight but tough materials that will endure extreme environments

  • Reinforced joints and articulated design for increased mobility.

  • Integrated sensory enhancements for situational awareness.

Blending cutting-edge technology with Ganyu's natural elegance and poise, her functional clothes will be much more than simply protection, they will be a testimony to the human spirit's potential to endure in the most harsh conditions. In this wasteland world, Ganyu will survive by wearing her clothes, a reminder of her power and imagination in the face of adversity.

Genshin Impact Ganyu Outfit Design Steps

Now that we know the essentials when it comes to Ganyu’s outfit as well as the wasteland world that it will be deployed in, we can now tackle the steps on how we can draw it. It ranges from selecting a photo reference all the way to refining the entire artwork with shading and lighting. Follows this procedure to perfectly design Genshin Impact outfit ideas.

Step 1. Select Photo Reference

First up, reinterpreting Ganyu's appearance in a wasteland world is a labor of love — one which brings together her character with all the practicalities of survival in a hostile world. This process starts with a dynamic reference image that embodies Ganyu's poise and grace and will be the basis for her new aesthetic.

Step 2. Draw Ganyu’s Body

With that reference in hand, sketch the character's body in detail, focusing on Ganyu’s anatomy and proportions. This particular rough sketch will be the foundation of Ganyu's brand-new outfit so that the final design properly fits her body and looks as natural as possible. Adjust your draft line as closely as possible and after drawing the dynamic body, observe and mimic Ganyu’s facial structure and hairstyle to complete the image characteristics of her head.

Draw Ganyu’s Body

Step 3. Design the Clothing

After capturing the dynamic body and face features, the design of the functional clothing itself is taken into consideration. Inspired by the wasteland world of Dune itself as well as the Stillsuits of the Fremen, the design must contain features that shield Ganyu from the elements but also improve her capabilities as a survivor. You can draw the clothing on a separate canvas to fully grasp its design.

Her outfit must fit around her body so that we can maintain the beauty of the female figure while at the same time, making it look like it allows flexible movements so she can swiftly adapt to a defensive stance if ever danger arrives. It also needs to be breathable, cold-resistant for when the night arrives and can keep the user cool during the hot day. 

This is why “dragon silk” is the perfect material since it is specifically developed for agents. The material is similar to matte leather with the joints being created from elastic patches made of nanomaterials. In addition, we have interior body tubes, like the Stillsuits which can adjust the body temperature of the user at any point in time as well as filter body fluids like sweat into clean drinking water. This is to ensure that not a single drop is wasted, just like in Dune.

Design the Clothing

Step 4. Add a Gray Base

Now that we have completed the design, functionalities, and fit of Ganyu’s outfit, the next step is to add a gray base. Using this, we can freely determine the direction of the light source by drawing the shadows and the dark areas, not only on the suit but on Ganyu’s facial features and body characteristics.

Add a Gray Base

Step 5. Add Color Blocks

Once we have determined the light source and the shadows, it’s time to add color blocks based on the grayscale changes of the material at different locations of the outfit. You can use different shades of gray and black to accurately identify the color blocks when you will color it.

Add Color Blocks

Step 6. Color the Drawing

As the style develops, the color scheme should be considered muted and desaturated to evoke the wasteland world's landscapes. Subtle details and highlights might be derived from Ganyu's very own coloring to produce a cohesive look that reflects her individuality. That’s why in this specific piece, we took inspiration from her horns and hair along with other related shades. This is a safe choice however, you can experiment with other colors as different colors will present different visual experiences.

During the design process, the balance between practicality and imagination is essential, therefore Ganyu's brand-new outfit is practical yet also reflects her character, her grace, and her energy.

Fortunately for us, the XPPen X Hoyofair Teyvat Fashion Carnival is a chance for artists to recreate their Genshin Impact visions of characters - including Ganyu herself. Happening March 31, 2024 - April 30, 2024, it challenges participants to create realistic work clothes for their favorite characters, while also competing for cash prizes and XPPen products including the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad and the XPPen Artist Pro 16 Gen 2.

By participating in it, emerging artists and designers can not only unleash their imagination but also contribute to the Genshin Impact universe by interpreting iconic characters in interesting and new ways.

Color the Drawing

Step 7. Finalize your Drawing

Finally, add some more details to your drawing according to your preferences when it comes to your degree of completion. Experiment, practice, and most of all have fun!

Finalize your Drawing


In science fiction and fantasy, the wasteland is a dismal yet compelling backdrop where you can find human creativity and resilience. By reinterpreting the graceful and mysterious Ganyu in such an arid landscape we're given a chance to both push the limits of character design and also consider function and form.

By combining a keen eye, advanced technology, and cutting-edge materials for detail, Ganyu's clothes are more than simply protection, it's a statement of the will to live in the roughest conditions. And as we picture her wearing an outfit that mixes practicality with artistry, we're reminded of the resilience of creativity and also of the human capacity for adaptation.

Whether we participate in events like the XPPen X Hoyofair Teyvat Fashion Carnival or simply immerse ourselves in the science fiction and fantasy world, we're invited to question the possibilities that exist when imagination meets need. Ultimately, it's this fusion of practicality and artistic expression that really defines the heart of functional fashion.

Try your chances at the XPPen X Hoyofair Teyvat Fashion Carnival now and you might just win an amazing prize!

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