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Genshin Impact New Character Chiori: Everything You Need to Know

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Genshin Impact Version 4.5 added another playable character to the ever-growing roster of the open-world RPG. Chiori, the Thundering Seamstress is a private fashion designer from Inazuma who runs her Boutique Chioriya boutique in Fontaine. To be a 5-star Geo character, Chiori guarantees a new playstyle and perspective on fighting and storytelling for the game. From her backstory and design to her gameplay mechanics and how to get her, we deal with every facet of this new character in this comprehensive guide about one of the most popular in the Genshin new characters roster.

Who is Chiori in Genshin Impact?


Chiori is a vision of elegance and style. She sports dark brown hair with yellow streaks, styled into an elaborate series of knots with a side ponytail. Her red eyes complement her striking appearance. Chiori utilizes the medium female character model and wears a gray sleeveless top that is covered by what looks to be a gold and black Kimono. A red obi adorned with bows and a large knot that looks like a flower can be found tied on her waist. While her Geo Vision is worn like a purple obijime with an obidome.

Intricate floral designs grace her outfit and accessories, which include her beautiful earrings. She also wears dark gloves that reach her elbows as well as same-colored stockings. Her hair is styled into a side ponytail that’s curled and a bun that looks like an ornate flower. It’s held together by a bow and some kanzashi hairpins. She has heels that are black cantilevered along with black ankle straps paired with red straps. Lastly, Chiori has a bow in her black ankle straps to complete her look.

Genshin new character chiori


Chiori's personality is as striking as her appearance. She speaks in a blunt, straightforward manner, valuing efficiency over pleasantries. Her methods of resolving disputes can be considered radical, as she doesn't waste time on explanations. Chiori is particularly mindful of her clothes and can scold others for damaging their outfits, though she allows some leeway in certain situations.

In her youth, Chiori was often a troublemaker, considering herself spoiled by her parents. She even snuck into the prestigious Kamisato Estate, showcasing her rebellious nature. Despite her brash exterior, Chiori developed an immense skill in needlework from a young age, leading her parents to send her to a master tailor to refine her craft. However, her disdain for arrogant higher-ups led to incidents that ultimately caused her to leave Inazuma for Fontaine. Her Geo Vision aptly represents her blunt refusal to submit to outside influence and her methods of resolving issues.


Being ranked at the top of the roster of Genshin new characters, Chiori's abilities showcase her mastery of Geo energy and her unique fighting style, which blends graceful movements with powerful strikes. As a sub-DPS and Geo support, her kit is designed to provide consistent off-field damage while enabling synergies with other party members.

  • Normal Attack: Weaving Blade

    • Does rapid sword strikes that can stack up 4 times in a flurry of attacks.

    • Charged Attack: Decreases a portion of Stamina to launch 2 rapid, arcing sword strikes with high knockback and a wide area of effect, making it excellent for crowd control and bursting down groups of enemies.

    • Plunging Attack: Dives from the air, which damages her opponents that are in the way, and also deals AoE Geo Damage when it lands, allowing for powerful follow-up attacks after being launched into the air.

  • Elemental Skill: Fluttering Hasode

    • Chiori dashes forward leaving a trail of Geo energy in her wake.

    • Once the dash ends, she summons “Tamoto" an automaton doll that appears on her side and she slices her sword upward which deals AoE Geo DMG to enemies near her with the damage being dependent on her ATK and DEF stats.

    • Hold Skill: Allows Chiori to enter Aiming Mode to control the direction of her dash, providing flexibility and precision in her movements.

    • Tamoto: The summoned automaton will continuously attack enemies that are close to them at regular intervals, the damage is based on her ATK and DEF stats and it also deals AoE Geo DMG. This provides consistent off-field damage while Chiori is not on the field.

    • If Geo Constructs are close or Geo Constructs are created near Chiori, she will summon another Tamoto next to the active character, doubling the off-field damage potential.

    • However, only a single additional Tamoto is allowed to be summoned using this method, and how long it lasts is counted independently from the first Tamoto.

  • Elemental Burst: Hiyoku: Twin Blades

    • Like a master tailor, Chiori attacks with her twin swords, making clean cuts that deal the same AoE Geo DMG and stats stacks.

    • This burst provides a powerful Geo damage instance, making it an excellent option for bursting down enemies or dealing with multiple targets.

  • Ascension 1 Passive: Tailor-Made

    • This effect triggers automatically if Chiori doesn’t choose to trigger a Normal Attack or Elemental Skill after some amount of time as long as she uses the upward sweep of Fluttering Hasode.

    • The coordinated attacks deal 100% AoE Geo DMG at the opponent's location, with the damage being counted as Elemental Skill DMG when it comes to 100% of the upward sweep DMG within Fluttering Hasode.

    • "Seize the Moment” duration is 8 seconds, and one coordinated attack from Tamoto can occur every 2 seconds, allowing for up to 2 coordinated attacks as long as the effect lasts.

    • After using Fluttering Hasode's upward sweep, Chiori gains various effects which are influenced by her next action after some time.

    • Tapestry: If Chiori presses her Elemental Skill again, the skill swaps to the next member in the party's roster. This grants all party members the "Seize the Moment" effect, which allows the Tamoto automaton to execute coordinated attacks alongside the active characters, Plunging Attacks, Charged Attacks, and Normal Attacks.

    • Tailoring: If Chiori uses a Normal Attack after the upward sweep, she attains Geo infusion for 5 seconds, allowing her Normal Attacks to deal Geo DMG during that duration.

  • Ascension 4 Passive: The Finishing Touch

    • If a Geo Construct is manifested by a party member that’s close by, Chiori gains a Geo DMG Bonus worth 20% that lasts 20 seconds.

    • This passive synergizes well with other Geo characters, providing Chiori with increased damage output when playing in a Geo-focused team composition


  • Utility Passive: Brocaded Collar's Beauteous Silhouette

    • As long as a member of the party is not wearing their default outfit or has a wing glider equipped that’s different from the Wings of First Flight, they get an effect called Swift Stride.

    • Swift Stride increases Movement SPD by 10%, allowing for faster traversal and positioning during combat.

    • Swift Strided cannot be applied in both normal and Trounce Domains, as well as the Spiral Abyss, but can be beneficial for overworld exploration and general combat encounters.

    • Swift Stride does not stack with itself, ensuring a consistent 10% Movement SPD increase when the conditions are met.

Chiori's abilities emphasize her role as a sub-DPS and Geo support, providing consistent off-field damage through her Tamoto automaton while enabling synergies with other party members. Her kit revolves around creating Geo Constructs, utilizing Geo Resonance, and coordinating with her team's Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks. With her unique playstyle and powerful Geo damage output, Chiori offers players a fresh and engaging combat experience in Genshin Impact as a member of the Genshin new characters roster.


Chiori is a regular customer of the renowned Komaniya Express courier service, and her fashion empire extends beyond just clothing. She has forged friendships with various characters, including Chevreuse, with whom she shares a close bond despite Chevreuse's exasperation with Chiori's hard-handed methods of resolving issues.

Navia, another young woman in Fontaine, shares similarities with Chiori, and the two have developed a strong friendship. It is implied that Chiori does not take kindly to competition in the fashion industry, quickly driving out malignant competitors – a trait she exhibited even during her apprenticeship in Inazuma.

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Chiori's lore is deeply intertwined with her passion for fashion and her unwavering determination to establish her brand's reputation across Teyvat. Born in Inazuma, she found herself at odds with the nation's strict decrees, such as the Vision Hunt Decree and the Sakoku Decree, which ultimately led her to leave her homeland and settle in Fontaine.

In Fontaine, Chiori's encounter with Kirara proved to be a pivotal moment in her career. Displeased with Kirara's appearance, which she described as akin to being "unceremoniously dropped in a bucket of paint," Chiori tailored the outfit "Whirling Bloom" for her. This act of fashion artistry helped Chioriya Boutique gain recognition among the people of Fontaine, as people inquired about the stunning ensemble.

Chiori's skills in needlework are unmatched, and she has tailored outfits for various characters, including Lyney, Lynette, Navia, and even accessories for Charlotte's Kamera, Monsieur Verite. Her clientele ranges from the upper classes to muscle men, all of whom treat her with respect and gifts. However, Chiori does not tolerate disrespect, promptly throwing out anyone who exhibits such behavior in her store. While people are willing to pay for her clothes, Chiori's true driving force is not wealth but rather the pursuit of increasing the reputation of her name and brand. It surely is an interesting lore for one of the most popular in the Genshin new characters roster.

Chiori Element and Weapon

As a Geo character, Chiori wields the power of the earth and rock, aligning with the Archon Morax and the nation of Liyue. Her Elemental Resonance, "Enduring Rock," increases shield strength by 15% and provides characters protected by a shield with a 15% damage increase and the ability to decrease enemies' Geo RES by 20% for 15 seconds after dealing damage. This unique resonance makes Chiori an invaluable asset in teams focused on shielding and Geo-based damage output.

Chiori's chosen weapon is a 5-star Sword, a fitting choice for her elegant and precise fighting style. In Genshin Impact, Sword users typically have a Normal Attack chain consisting of 3-5 fast melee attacks with relatively short reach, allowing for swift and deadly strikes against enemies. Their Charged Attack features a small windup before performing two fast, arcing attacks with high knockback and a wide AoE, making them ideal for crowd control and burst damage.

The best weapon for Chiori is the Uraku Misugiri because it perfectly pairs up with her play style. It has a unique effect where it makes its sub-stat into Critical Hit Damage that’s paired up with both Elemental Skill and Normal Attack damage. If a fellow party member attacks and they have Geo Damage, both Elemental Skill and Normal Attack damage become even stronger, and the wielder's Defense increases, this means Chiori’s damage skyrockets because her DPS increases with Defense.

Other highly recommended weapons for Chiori include the Mistsplitter Reforged (5-Star), Cinnabar Spindle (4-Star), and Wolf-Fang (4-Star). These weapons offer valuable stat boosts and passive effects that synergize well with Chiori's Geo-based abilities and sub-DPS playstyle.

How to Obtain Chiori Character

To obtain Chiori in Genshin Impact, especially since she is a part of the Genshin new characters, players had to participate in the "Of Silken Clouds Woven" Character Event Wish during its limited-time availability from March 13, 2024, to April 3, 2024. This gacha system allowed players to use Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates to roll for a chance to obtain Chiori or other featured characters and weapons.

While Chiori's initial banner has concluded, players can expect her to return in future reruns or potentially become available through the standard wish banner, Wanderlust Invocation, after some time has passed. Typically, characters are added to the standard banner a few updates after their initial release, providing players with another opportunity to acquire them.

It's important to note that obtaining a specific 5-star character in Genshin Impact's gacha system can be challenging due to the low drop rates. Players will need to accumulate a significant number of Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates to increase their chances of success. These can be obtained through various in-game activities, such as completing quests, exploration, and events, or through real-money purchases in the game's shop.

Additionally, Genshin Impact offers a pity system that guarantees a 5-star drop after a certain number of wishes without obtaining one. This pity counter carries over between banners of the same type (Character Event Wish or Weapon Event Wish), providing players with a safety net if they fail to obtain their desired character or weapon initially.

For those who skipped Chiori's debut banner, or are just beginning to play, patience and cautious resource management will be needed to vault their chances of landing her in future banners. Keeping up with official announcements and discussions in the community may also provide hints for future banner schedules and reruns. All of this is especially true when considering how to get new characters in Genshin Impact.


Chiori has ignited a new interest in the game via her participation with Genshin Impact as one of the Genshin Impact new characters. Her design, lore, and Geo capabilities make her an invaluable addition to any player's party. Whether you are a fashion fan smitten by her artistic flair or a combat strategist prepared to unleash her shattering force.

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